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  • @arkham-warlock said in Prestige Classes: What's Wrong?:

    @mr-moloch Good news, I know (mostly) how to do it now! The real question is, what PrCs will the team want to add? I imagine we should gauge player interest (see above comments) and go from there.

    Splitting off from the PrC debate thread, I'm making this to give us players a platform to provide the DMs with interest in which class(es) we want. I'd rather not make assumptions, but here's my wishlist. I can't recommend waiving mechanical requirements on some.

    • Eldritch Knight / Probably the most famous melee wizard archetype. Combines melee and arcane spells into a terrifying combo.

    • Battlerager / Are you a dwarf? Do you like raging and going bonkers? Then Battlerager is for you! Gives dwarves another option over Divine Champion or Dwarven Defender. And enhances a raging dwarf concept far more than either of those two would.

    • Contemplative / Do you like manifesting your deity's will in more ways than preaching and relevant acts? Do you like having lots of domains? Contemplative is for you! Gives you +2 more domains, as well as fun buffs.

    Handy reference list to find a Prestige Class of interest!

    • Bladesinger - It is very similar to the Eldritch Knight, but it is the one of the icons of the elven race and I would love to play one.

    • Duelist - Give fighters a different direction to go than the more standard plate. Note, I probably would not play it much but would love to see it.

  • From the PRC: War Wizard of Cormyr, Mystic Theurge, Arcane Trickster, Dirgesinger... Battleguard of Tempus seems to fit us. Maybe Warlock as well, as a base class. Maybe lift some of the domains, spells, and feats too.

    Outside of what's available there, there's a lot of interesting stuff we could have. Planar-based classes would be nice if we go down that road.

  • PRCs
    If levels are raised, Archmage.
    Knight of the Chalice
    True necromancer, to replace Palemaster
    War Wizard of Cormyr
    Arcane trickster
    Brimstone speaker

    Base classes
    Favoured soul

  • I would love arcane trickster, especially if it was given a tool to do locks and traps from a distance (gas traps would still trigger, but all other traps would get a bonus to reflex save).

  • It would be cool even, if some of the existing PrCs could be formally renamed or have their description changed. E.g. Champion of Torm -> Divine Champion.

    I would like to see some CoA-specific PrCs, and would be happy to brainstorm the mechanics. Things like the Neverwinter Nine were awesome in NWN2.


    Kanthea's Apprentice
    Gained on earning Kanthea's apprenticeship
    Arcane spellcasting progression
    Discipline as class skill
    Level 1: Martial Weapon Proficiency
    Level 3: Improved Combat Casting
    Level 5: Planer Binding 1/day (not sure if this is doable as it's not a feat-granted spell?)
    Level 7: Greater Spell Penetration
    Level 9: Automatic Silent Spell

  • Not a prestige class, but the Warlock base class from the PRC would be awesome

  • Apostle of Peace -

    Basically a pacifist PrC

  • @Forte

    Battlerager is actually a half in module already. It's a barbarian kit that was never finished for some reason.

    I'd love to see some interesting and specific PRC around traditional enemies of the world.

    Perhaps classes dedicated to hunting Undead, Abberant, and Evil Outsiders.
    Fairly easy to earn in theory. Just hunt these things and be bad ass. Kill yourself a REALLY big one. Roleplay knowing a good deal about them and there weakness. Dedicate your life to hunting and killing these things. Ranger and Paladins would be good for this but any class can really get into.

  • Hells, no! Don't make special positions like guardian of hullack a prestige class!
    It might discourage players from perusing them. It would be a reward you need to give up other things for. Achieving that is far more awesome to be forced to give up things for.

    As for wishlist, arcane trickster.
    A monk/wizard and a monk/cleric thing that granted spell progression and monk AB progression. (perhaps not as fast as base classes, but close enough)
    Divine archer -- just open up arcane archer for divine classes.

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