V5 Portrait Pack

  • I want to assemble a portrait pack of v5 characters to add on to the current archive I have of CoA portrait packs stemming from v3.

    Problem is I don't have an accurate list of available links, likely some are expired. So what I'd prefer people did is posted their stuff here so I can put it in a new pack and upload it for mass dissemination.

    This is the current archive for reference: http://www.mediafire.com/file/0bv5mwlg6bvidun/Dec+2017+Portraits.rar

    You can post either here, Discord or IRC.

  • If you are unable to craft a portrait yourself, you can ask me. All I need is the base image and what filename you want it to be. Takes me about 5 minutes.

  • Still doing this! I'm always happy to take requests. The current v5-specific archive is upto 20 images, and if you used the ingame converter, replace the ones in the archive with the ones there. I've only gotten a few of more active chars.

    http://www.mediafire.com/file/mkyhnbfo41dib00/V5 Portrait Pack.rar

  • The pack has been updated! Now at 36 separate portraits away from the main archive. Also available in the #resources channel on Discord.

  • Pack updated once again, I've gone back to 2014 or so in the art thread and converted/acquired what portraits were available from there. PS ge.tt is a trash host. Never use this again, please! 😞

    Some rules for portrait creation:

    1. Don't bother manual custom portrait creation if the file size of the source image is at 720p resolution or lower. You're better off at that point just running the converter. The difference will be minimal.

    2. Use google drive, dropbox or mediafire for hosting. Ge.tt is awful.

    3. There's an error with the Calder Daxx portrait. It's been fixed in the archive, remove the 1calderdax portrait you have now, it needed to have _ in the filename. The archive has the correct version.

    4. Ironfoot has two different portraits, you can use the archive's if you prefer the Night Hunter Rengar look, or CB's if you prefer the Skyrim look.

  • V5 portrait pack has been updated again. Now at 85 characters.

  • Reminder! This is still going. Submit portraits if you've made a char, if you're planning to or if you want to change a portrait you chose at creation (has to be a custom to begin with!)

  • After a misunderstanding with another player, official update for the portrait pack is in the OP. 91 portraits, more to come in due time.

  • According to Syrus, the filename is wrong for one of his characters. "Sivgrimsdottir" should be "Barbsiv" instead. It'll be fixed for the next archive update.

  • If you have a portrait you want to use for v6, go ahead and submit that. It'll be added, and made available ahead of time.

  • Pack updated!

  • Pack updated again. Now at 113 characters, including some missing v3 era portraits.

  • From Discord:

    "https://neverwintervault.org/project/nwn1/other/leto-169 LETO, an extremely simple to use tool for editing a character or locating a portrait you're not sure of. The program is extremely simple to use and can be installed with no hassle. To edit a character, you need to acquire a localvault save. You can do that by exporting your character on the Options Menu ingame then copy/pasting the newly created file to your LETO directory. After that, open LETO and go to Appearance and it'll tell you the FILENAME of the portrait."

    You can send a character save in if you don't want to be bothered, though I would ADVISE AGAINST it being a currently played one for purposes of concept integrity. I'd be fine with old retired PCs with customs that you can't recall the name of, especially since there's packs from other servers.

  • Pack updated, 121 characters.

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