Question about the state of the server

  • This is directed mostly to the DM team. I'm curious as to the reasons that @Gmork and @Tinker are stepping down. As a returning player concerned for the health of the DM team - and as a former DM who has been asked back a few times of late - I would be interested to hear what lead to this. That said, if it is a personal matter, that is cool, I wouldn't want to pry further.
    However if it is a disagreement with the rest of the team, the direction the server is heading, or something of that nature, I think it would be good to have a community discussion about it.

    -OF COURSE- this is my first post just back from the holidays - there were about a bagillion unread post. If I missed something that already covers it, I'd be keen to know.

  • I couldn't comment on their reasons for stepping down because those were personal decisions they made.

    That said, the health of the DM team has been strained for awhile now. We've begun the process of what I'd jokingly call a "truth and reconciliation" process that I feel personally, and anyone can weigh in, has been useful in bringing into the open some disagreements on the vision of the server right now and the plans for NWNE and v6. This has been a healthy process, and while there are frustrations, there is also excellent progress.

    A discussion on those very issues is going to begin with the team and the players. We're preparing a poll actually to gather as much data as we can from the player base to make sure we're really hearing their ideas. We're also going to be reconfirming some of the things we value on CoA as an administrative team.

    Personally, I'm very excited by the prospects of NWNE and the opportunity to inject new life and vitality into CoA. As I've been saying since I came back DMing here, now is a time for new ideas and energy and for everyone to share an idea about how we can make this server better and more entertaining for anyone who wants to come here to roleplay.

  • @Terris I heard you were coming back as a player and ran for the hills 😉

    But yeah, as Mr.Moloch said the DM team has been strained for a while now and such things take their toll on everyone. Tink and I have a stressful RL and play/DM for love and enjoyment of the game. We have lost that, unfortunately, on CoA and we are looking at another project to work on. It will give me a chance to really develop some nice Custom Content and test the boundaries of the EE.

    But, also as Mr.Moloch said, this is a good deal of talking and healing going on which is good. There are no hard feeling either side and I'm hoping that things turn out well for V6. 🙂

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