A Fine Letter for Named Individuals

  • [This letter arrives finely penned on pristine paper with regal presentation for:

    Frippi @Sanctuary
    Jon @CrystalRL
    Victoria @WabbitSeason
    John @Swifty-Willownall
    Daxx @TheMinionOfArabel
    Colette @OuterSanctum ]

    Hello there!

    For lack of a better way to put this, I have been Called to an old temple of Akadi in the nearby Stormhorns. . . . This is a rather momentous and strange occurrence, as it is the temple in which I was tested and eventually blessed by the goddess Herself.

    Those of the faith will be joining me in this pilgrimage and by your receiving of this message, so too are you. In a time where the gods are silent, I would like to show the world that the Primal Gods have not forgotten us, even if their lessons seem inscrutable and harsh. Our las visit to this place had us battling the storm elemental you see me wear now and an incredible amount of Her servants, so expect similar resistance.

    Healing and care will be provided to the best of our ability, but caution is advised.

    We will be leaving about mid afternoon ((3PM EST)), and traveling quite a ways to the north west. As much as I am loathe to exclude people, some of our retinue includes paladins and so this invitation is meant exclusively for you.

    If you can attend, you will find me making sendings throughout the day until we leave. You’re under no pressure but I look forward to seeing you there!


    Ophirae Miavyre
    Herald of Akadi

  • Ophirae,

    I will try and attend. I may be stuck in the Theatre teaching the Tarmikos daughters how to play the harp.

    With love,

    Signed Frippi Bwibenbottle

    -Frippi Bwibenbottle

  • I should be able to assist.

    Apprentice Coltsbury

  • @Puffy

    [The same letter is also dispatched to Edith Wyvernspur.[

  • The mail service is once again confused by someone attempting to send mail to a Jon.

    // I will try to show up. I should be able to unless I get kidnapped though.

  • //Roughly 3 hours from now.

  • I will be there, friend.

    -- Daxx