Thayan Arena Collection

  • Made a folder full of Thayan Arena screens I attended to. I feel the album is far too large for inline links, so here's the folder link:

    Images 1 to 205 are from Thayan Arenas prior to July 2017.

    206 to 256 are from July 2017.

    257 to 290 are from September 2017.

    291 to 327 are December 2017.

    Bonus screens from 16 to 23 are from July to December.

  • DMs

    alt text

    The legend of the Piemaster. RIP

  • Thanks. Didnt get a screenshot of the dragon.. Its body disappeared so fast on death I wanted to get a nice team screencap..

  • Crown Forces

    aww... you dont have Hammy's piggy party. sniff

    Lots of cool screenies though!

  • @theminionofarabel

    Only Thayan ARenas I was present are have screenshots here, unfortunately. If it happened at one I wasn't present for, I don't have it.

  • New screenshots uploaded.

    January 2018:

    Range is from 328 to 370.

    Bonus is from 24 to 34.

  • New screens. Range is 371 to 460.

  • Even more screens!

    Range is 461 to 507. The Lengram fight is 499 to 507 with bonus range 42-43.

    Bonus screen range is 35 to 43.


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