Add belts to leathercrafting

  • There are not alot of quality belts on the server in the ambient loot, there are some but not a large number. I think that leathercrafting is the perfect vehicle to fill that gap, in my humble opinion.

  • Come up with some stats then 🙂

  • Im not the person we want balancing loot haha.

  • The DMs will balance it once you figure out what stats it should have. But when in doubt, throw a - on the item somewhere.

  • Well lets figure this out. What are all the types of pelts that can be found?

  • Animal, Dire Animal, Cormyrean Mountain Bear, Albino Crag Cat, Dire Crocodile, in that order. Check the auction/sales forum.

  • Animal hide belt - +2 deflection ac vs animal -3 animal empathy
    Dire Animal Hide - +3 deflection ac vs animal +2 deflection ac vs Magical beast -3 animal empathy
    Cormyrian Mountain Bear hide - +1 con 5/- cold
    Albino Crag Cat Hide - 60% weight reduction, +1 charisma
    Dire Crocodile hide - +1 strength 10% cold vulnerability
    Goblin hide (obv most important hide) - +2 hide/ms -1 charisma 5 charges of choking powder

  • ^^ What dog said

  • These seem pretty reasonable, I don't see why they wouldn't work.

  • THey shouldn't give -AE. Only relevant for the makers, what does the penalty achieve?
    They should probably compare to regular stats the material gives. Albino crag cats have a relation with magical damange, resisting magic, ect.
    Once per day lesser dispel? SR 14?

  • I always feel like the things you make things out of should be offended that your wearing them as clothes.

  • DMs

    Added in leather belts of a few varieties, not quite as suggested but most are close. Going to lock this now though so I don't miss any other suggestions that could come up.

    If we have more requests like this, particularly when items that make sense are missing, feel free to start a new suggestion thread.