Saint Darmos’ Children

  • I’m contemplating taking up one of the ingrained Slum Gangs, namely Saint Darmos’ Children, however I’m struggling to pin them down with a motive and cause.

    Would it be possible to get a little more information on them? Enough to form a concept, without giving too much away.

    From a cursory glance they haven’t been explored in great detail as yet and the write up is a vague foundation to build from.

    What do they do? What do they want? What does their day-to-day world entail?

    Also, if anyone is interested in them it would be good to get a group going.


  • They're meant to be one of the more mysterious gangs, but trending towards Chaotic Good or Chaotic Neutral rather than any other alignment. They worship Darmos as a deity, and are considered heretical by mainstream Tycheans. They have a sort of soft Robin Hood-esque character to them, mixed in with a whole lot of secret society vibes and shady mysticism.

    Think a mix of back-alley thieves and an esoteric religious society. They were formed from a break-off faction of the Chaos Brigade, and specifically have taken up the "defender of the outcasts" mantle that the Chaos Brigade had at one point. The Chaos Brigade became much more violent, sadistic, and outright horrifying when the Darmosians left.

    Ultimately, I wrote them so that players could fill out most of the mysteries themselves. So whatever you or other people who join up with you come up with will be "canon" in a sense. The above is just my interpretation of them, as the primary writer.