Morn of Talona

  • For your actions during the Divine March upon the Temple of the Triumvirate, you are summoned to trial.

    If you cannot attend the Court, a statement of events during the March as best as you can recall should be forwarded to myself.

    Apprentice Coltsbury
    College of War Wizards

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  • How terribly vague of you, Victoria. What charges are levied against me for these "actions"?


  • You have been named as one of those partaking in the Banite assault upon the Temple of the Triumvirate, fighting alongside undead creatures,
    and bleakstone users.

    The ruling made at the trial may affect you.

    Apprentice Coltsbury
    College of War Wizards

  • Casting your net wide to see what you can dredge up, Victoria? I wonder if you'd be making this much effort had the Tempurans and Huntsmen won the day?

    I will save you and others who have also sought to purchase my statement, the coin and effort;

    I did not notice any crimes commited, save for the ones perpetrated by those we fought within what is now the Temple of Green Flame.

    May Talona favour the corruption that festers so strong within the heart of the Citadel.

    Morn Amberwood,
    servant of Talona

    ((Not 100% certain I'll be about for it yet, sorry))

  • I already have what I needed.

    But I will need to know who has been attempting to "purchase" your statement.

    Apprentice Coltsbury