Bounty on Undead

  • There are undead within the swamps, the remains of the foul creations of the Orcs of Yurtrus. The following bounty will be taken for those brave enough to thin their numbers, provided the trophies of the kills can be brought back,

    up to 4 vampire skins, and 2 vials of ichor from doom knights will be accepted

    Put foul vampires into the ground from whence they came, skin them and bring the skin to me as a trophy and I will provide 300 gold coins per skin.

    The doom knight is a fell opponent, drain the black ichor that flows through their bodies and bring it to me. 300 gold coins per vial of ichor.

    Congratulations to Bannerman Ampharen for the two vials of ichor and eyes, seek me out to collect 600 gold coins

    Seek out Retainer Greene of House Bhaliir to claim your bounties brave hunters.

  • The posters are altered slightly