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    Dearest Starlord,

    The request has been rejected, due to repeated criminal activity performed by penny-man since the matter of the Shadovar. However, his more lenient bounty remains and should he hand himself in willingly it will show him in good grace. Despite it all, I am most pleased with our deal and look forward to further dealings between us in the future. Feel free to enjoy a bottle of Evereskan wine at my expense at the Fine Hells.

    Valiant Kraliqh

  • My Lord of Kraliqh,

    I would humbly propose the following then; We will continue as requested, and you may be his advocate at his trial, get him a lenient sentence for his contribution (should he come through). We all profit.

    I would also like to propose another highly profitable venture, if you are willing to hear me out, one in which you lose nothing, once more.

    Malnir Rualean,
    The Solutioneer