To Apprentice Coltsbury

  • Dearest Apprentice Coltsbury,

    I've heard you rather busy these days with research and what have you, but in general it was decided that it best I send a missive. There are dark things a happening in Arabel, beyond the normal pale, I am afraid.

    Theorized to dwell somewhere beneath the land, in a place called the Salt Marches, a terrible worm lies. They call it the white worm, described as massive, powerful, intelligent, psionic, magic killing, and - apparently - delicious. It is currently theorized that the creature uses psionic powers, mind magic, in order to urge victims to - eat a bit of it - and then the victims become thralls to the beast.

    The cult is spreading and word is reaching my ears of more and more disreputable people feasting on this filth. His Lordship, Bhaliir, is enraged by this. Doubly so to discover a graydwarf, in service to this creature, has been wandering the city brazenly for some time. I personally witnessed it spouting off it's cult nonsense in the citadel, claiming to be a Retainer of the White Worm.

    It also offered me to partake in the flesh of the beast, and then have a meeting. And I do not know how I was able to hold back the urge, but by the grace of the Nameless Bard my mind held true.

    It is with this I humbly as, on behalf of Lord Bhaliir, if there is a registry of any - how shall we say - exotic races running about. Any with ties to traditional underdark should be questioned. And if such a registry exist, it should be publicly known, or at least passed around the nobility. My Lord wishes us to work closely with officials in the matter, as it is of great personal importance to him. These foul creatures smeared his family crest - and it is only fair that a noble is allowed to face his old foes.

    I am unsure of how much of this you already know. I've left out some more sensitive matters unless requested. These are things I would prefer to speak of in person, but I understand time and what not. Should you want further detail on events around this Worm Cult, current victims, suspected accomplices, and speculation - please let me know.

    Also - this White Worm - it seems to be a creature of great power that is no stranger to these lands. These are dangerous times, Apprentice. Count on Bhaliir as an ally in them.

    -Bannerman Krust

  • This is the first I have heard of a gray dwarf operating in Arabel so openly. Myself or another member of the garrison will be in touch.

    We do not maintain a formal register of such creatures.

    Apprentice Coltsbury

  • He claimed to be called 'Retainer Tussgut' if his misbegotten grasp of the common tongue could be deciphered.

    While it was first thought that the consumption of this worm addled the brain, I am starting to suspect it is not the case. While it is true many of the first 'converts' are a bit off - there are many of seemingly sound face that maybe in thrall to the creature.

    With the growing threats beyond this one, and the varied responsibilities of both the Militia and the Military, House Bhaliir is forming an initiative to work with the authorities and lend aid in ferreting out the servants of the worm, discovering a method of detecting the minions of it, and ultimately sending the entire damn cult to the dead book.

    I will be seeking folks with expertise on the matter and try to use my own growing knowledge of the situation to better vet folks.

    Any advice you may offer on this matter would be greatly appreciated - and I would love to consider you the point of contact for this growing danger within the ranks of the Cormyran forces.

    -Bannerman Krust

  • I would seek out Tharey of the Harrowed Huntsmen. Dealing with a powerful psionic creature may tie in with his Phaerimm research, though he is more scholar and warrior than investigator.

    For now, keep me updated. Let's see what we can learn about this cult so that we can ensure it is pulled out root and stem when we do make a move.

    Apprentice Coltsbury

  • Ah, well, the word was spoken. So just so we are clear, and I apologize if this is for my own sake, the creature - the White Worm - is likely from all descriptions and abilities a Phaerimm. Thus it seems I will be seeking out Tharey. My thanks on this matter.

    I would also mention the wildwalker known as Jon has a fair amount of information on this matter, if you seek confirmation on anything I've written.