Quest Ideas v6

  • The Forge of Madness
    The Loss of Hardcastle drove a Gnome Golemneer mad, and he fled the factory with a handful of designs, and a mass of stolen mythalite! In his new lair, he creates new and more terrible machines, the likes of which have never been seen!

    The Church of Mystra desires everything to be destroyed, and will pay handsomely!
    The Church of Gond will pay for the machines to be recovered, and offers powerful inventions!

    You will face Golem-Goblins, Mechanical Spiders. Lumbering Minogolems, Segmented Battle Octopi, Battle Carts, Self-Propelled Cabinets, Automated Slashing Machines and more!

  • Interesting idea

    Thanks for your thoughts

  • I would like to see a golem-ized butter machine called the Churning Esmerelda as the boss of this magnificent dream quest.

  • Would personally like to see more "Generic" quests, something with less of its own self-absorbed story(*) and more connected to the greater narrative as a whole.

    Caravans are a good example of what I mean (? Haven't done one since like V3, if they're different now then I'm referring to the old style). I'd say that the Lady's Challenge works along these same lines, among some other quests. There could also be "Caravan raids" offered by NPCs in Old Town, or by Military NPCs if there's a war going on.

    (*) It's always felt a bit bizarre to ignore the fact that the poor old woman's lost her ring a hundred goddamn times, etc.. Given that we're expected to repeat these quests ad infinitum, shouldn't that be taken into account when making them?

  • The Sea King's Lair

    An underwater realm in the Wyvernwater, this new kingdom was formed by a Sahuagin Prince, who swam up ten years ago into this new and large basin, and began to breed.

    Water Elementals, Sharks, Hammerhead Sharks, Merrow (underwater ogres), Octopi, Kelpies, Sahuagins, Sahuagin Lords, the Sahuagin Prince himself, and his Megalith Pet.

  • Purple Dragon Paychest
    A paychest makes the difficult journey from Suzail to Eveningstar. Intercept it at the edge of a swamp, destroy the Blades and the Lionar guarding it, and ensure no survivors.

    Quest includes a scene where wounded warriors are murdered.