House Rowanmantle

  • [The following letter is deliver by a runner from Old Town]

    Old Town is a mess, men rely on the gods over themselves and villainous races run unchecked throughout.

    I am sure you wish to see stability installed, as good honest men of Cormyr - so my offer to you is assistance in making that happen.

    Snout, Kneecapper, Mongrel, Banite - all cause strife and anguish to the common man who seeks to push himself onto better things. Only through the removing of the walls these fiends put up can mankind, and Arabel, truly flourish.

    Should this missive have touched a nerve send a representative to the Grinning Goat to continue discussions in person.

    Mikael Vosaren
    The Enlightened of the Archprelates

  • [The letter is received, but no immediate response is forthcoming.]