Undeath-themed Barbarian Kits

  • Thought we could use some more SPICY barbarian kits, so how about some undeath-themed ones?


    Fallen in battle, yet still grasping to life, this warrior was visited upon the field by a necromancer seeking new fodder. Dying and unconscious, your flesh became partially animated, and a stench permeates you where you go.

    Non-good Only, male only

    2/- slashing resistance
    2/- piercing resistance
    -2 cha
    +2 fort
    25% divine and positive vulnerability
    25% negative immunity
    Gloves receive +1d4 slashing.


    • +4 str, +4 con, -2 AC. Undead fog surrounds you (the one found on ghouls and the like). 1+1/5 levels negative damage. Worn gloves gain: 50% on-hit: dc 12 stun that lasts 1 round.


    Found amongst the dead in the aftermath of battle, a woman found breathing and wailing within the pile of corpses. Armor caked with dirt, but her soul left broken. Pulled out of it's shell when she was unconscious, her soul was used as a tool for war, but found its way back to the body, wounded and ruined. Now with pale skin and a ruined throat, the warrior has returned changed, and is now a new terror upon the battlefield.

    Non-Good only, Female Only

    25% divine and positive vulnerability
    25% negative and sonic immunity
    +2 will
    -2 cha


    • +2 AB, +4 con, -2 AC. 1d6+(1/level) sonic damage shield. 1+1/5 levels sonic damage. Upon raging, nearby creatures take 1d4/2 levels sonic damage.


    Long, dark nights. Rituals painted in blood. Ingesting the ground teeth of vampire spawns to gain forbidden power. Seeking undeath in its purity and perfection, you have sought the darkest ways to change yourself. Such dark energies have changed and warped you into something in-between.

    Evil Only

    25% divine and positive vulnerability
    25% negative immunity
    +2 reflex
    Animate Dead 1/day


    • +4 strength, +2 con, -2 AC. Held Weapon gains +3 Vampiric Regeneration. 1+1/5 levels negative damage.

  • Yes please.

  • Adding kits is very easy, after the numbers get a once over.

  • what i would like to see is the pure class kits "unlocked" to allow multiclass to use to build on the theme, maybe forcing that barb levels is always higher than other class to allow their use?

    as it stands there are virtually none of the pure class barbs that i would really consider but if i were allowed to take a few levels of sorc, cleric or ranger for example, they become interesting potentials.

  • I'll look into this...

  • I agree with Cadiz.

    Things like the Uniter just Scream for a Barbarian/Bard Multiclass.

  • You can have a bardbarian though and call him a Uniter. Don't need a variable with a value "Uniter" to be a Uniter.

    What's being asked for is basically stacking bard song with the mass rage of Uniter, which I think is extremely powerful, and would need a look in that case, given barbarians also get more rages per day than vanilla.

    That said, I'm not opposed to multi-class kits if balance is taken care of.

  • It would be perfectly balanced IMO if the Uniter's level caps were kept and only Barbarian levels counted towards them.

    But that's a discussion for another thread really.

  • Multiclassing is the best idea in D&D.
    I'd prefer to see each class kits built around the idea. Some minor single class bonuses I'm not against, but the way barb kits are currently handled make it unlikely to see any multiclass barbs and that makes me sad.