[Postings in front of the Temple of Green Flame]

  • [Posted outside the Temple of Green Flame exclusively]

    So long as members of the Arch Prelates desire to cause damage to religious properties and disturb burial sites all Arch Prelates are hereby banned from the Temple of Green Flame until the cessation of these intentions and activities.

    Edward Waynolt
    Bishop of Bane

  • The Banite Cohort seeks the following objects in quantity.

    White Stag Meat
    Star Iron
    Swordsmens Belts //(the 10% Slashing DI ones exclusively)
    Equipment that provides protection against slashing blows.
    The design for steel banded mail

    Should one seek an audience with myself, I can make time if one comes bearing one of these as tribute.
    Otherwise I will pay bounties of thousands of gold for each item provided.

    In service to Lord Bane,

    Edward Waynolt
    Bishop of Bane

  • The Banite Cohort are in possession of a Map, won by slaying an adult gold dragon in the Thayan Arena that leads to the lair of its father whom resides in Thay.

    We seek able sellswords to aid us on the fateful day that we meet the great beast in combat, the rewards will be most rich when victory is achieved as the hoards of great dragons are legendary for their riches in wealth, gemstones and magic items. Furthermore the Banite Cohort has very little interest in Gold coins, therefore this fortune would be split amongst the sellswords to enjoy.

    Come, claim the immortalizing honour and glory of slaying the greatest of all dragon kind and reap rich rewards in service to Lord Bane.