Cooking Craft Skill

  • I may put in cooking as a crafting skill. Very simple stuff can be cooked; like + skill and + AC vs X or cold resist 5 at first.

    So I eat some Garlic Toast made with Wheat and Garlic and Butter; I get +1 AC vs Undead for one hour.

    I'd probably add simple Wheat to the gardening system too, GLUTEN in everything! But most minor food ingredients can be in a Cooking store after that.

    The idea is pretty cheap, minor buffs from foods until we get to the highest levels, where the buffs are still probably better but some food just maybe is weird and does odd stuff. Think stuff that is a little weaker than alchemistry items--but probably half the cost. So you get a 3/4 affect maybe, but at 1/2 cost; but it doesn't stack because food can be eaten only once every rest, or maybe one food and one drink.

    Thoughts though before I go further with this?

  • Sounds pretty good to me.

    Opens up things like, a Lord wants someone to cater for their event and some grand master chef can actually do it.

  • As long as you can cook people I am all for it


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    Sounds good if it's minor stuff, so long as it isn't another ''required'' buff everyone needs to have.

  • Without being negative, I would honestly like to see existing crafting fixed first, before adding to an already unbalanced and somewhat brokenish system. Because it becomes more bloated and more balancing needs to occur later on.

  • Did someone say Halfling Ranger?

    I think someone said Halfling Ranger.

    Crikey, this dish is going to need a bit of Grey Render tenderloin.

  • @thune said in Cooking Craft Skill:

    Without being negative, I would honestly like to see existing crafting fixed first, before adding to an already unbalanced and somewhat brokenish system. Because it becomes more bloated and more balancing needs to occur later on.

    With thune on this, and I know nothing about what makes Crafting Fun/Interesting so I cannot be of much help here...apparently, Applefritos has quite a lot of thoughts on it. Maybe you can ask him?

    That said, I suggested it before. Some Zelda Breath of the Wild Cooking plz

  • Orc Head Stew. Goblin Ear Jerky. Finally have a use for that crap.

  • Orc Heads can be turned in for a bounty in Eastway, Same as Goblin Ears

  • @thune THat's not negative at all to request!

    That said, where is the suggestion about what needs fixing so it can be fixed anyway?

    @solarfall Yes, I don't see why not. I think we can set up people to be skinned and harvested for meat pretty easily.

    @Voss I"m baffled, no one is required to buff. Though, if there is problem with balance, where is the Suggestion thread with specific explanations and examples of what needs to be adjusted so it can be looked at?

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    Sorry I'm thinking too much in MMO terms, like another buff that needs to be stacked to be viable in pvp.

    You can ignore my comment.

  • Applefritos has provided a complete overhaul of the smithing to the DMs, but lacks a DM to actually implement it. Can communicate with him about it. Once smithing is resolved, the others just need a bit of tweaking.

  • @thune I haven't seen it.

  • DMs


    I think it's still sitting about in the Dm forums.

    Though I think there may be more than one version, one which got implemented a long time ago, and another more recent one which stalled for various reasons.

    In... At least one case, the items themselves, with variables and everything were made in a standalone module. (by apples)

    But some of the issue is pricing, and the way recipes are gained.

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    I'll see what I can figure out. I think Thune is probably over-stating the "brokeness". 😉 But we can tweak and adjust things, that's not hard. I'd rather not have to entirely redesign smithing because its broken, only to find out it needed a tweak or two.

  • The issue with smithing is its excessive cost. Every ingot costs, at mimimum, 25g to make. That's if you have a woodcrafting friend. Bronze and steel require you hunt specific monsters - the latter of which players currently believe has been removed from the module?

    Additionally, smithing just...doesn't hold up to bonecrafting and woodcrafting. Woodcrafting is super cheap, even if it is time-consuming. Bonecrafting is more expensive, but +2 weapons as well as kick ass leathers means it's also far more effective than wood.

    What crafting honestly needs is a way to customize item names and descriptions. Even if you limit it only to blacksmithing to give blacksmithing more appeal, or the ability to add a maker's mark.

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    If people want to discuss smithing and improvements/concerns--please start a new thread and I'll look at that one too with the rest of the team.

    This is for cooking dammit all!

  • Okay.
    Here's how I'd approach this.
    Every cookable creature woud drop different body parts. Ribs, chops, ect. I don't know the proper words. That's what I mean.

    So you'd get bear ribs, deer ribs, wolf ribs, ogre ribs, ect. and you could substitute each of these into the recipes to achieve various effects with various levels with disgust.
    If it is too complex to make the effects varied, fine. Just let me use any meat for any of my recipes.