Bannerman Amraphen

  • As it happens, I don't consider the Warforged's current predicament to be beneficial to the realm.

    We should meet and discuss.

    In private.

    Apprentice Coltsbury
    College of War Wizards

  • Apprentice Coltsbury

    Very well, Let us meet and discuss this.

    Though Warden Hawklin was at the debate and said he would make a decision in three days, Perhaps if you can convince Malgrandhest of the merits of the Warforged she can ensure their freedom

    Bannerman Ampharen, Laypriest of Gond

  • It is not a question of releasing the Warforged, but what comes after.

    Or did you think they were in there for comitting a crime? Perhaps the other faiths would like to think so.

    Apprentice Coltsbury

  • Apprentice Coltsbury.

    They commited no crimes, I know why they are locked up.

    Still these letters solve nothing.

    Let us meet and discuss what you had in mind

    Bannerman Ampharen

  • Needless to say, Bannerman, what was discussed in the factory was privileged information. The matter of entering the fugue you may use in your efforts.

    Anything else discussed should not be entering public knowledge without prior approval from the College of War Wizards. Research of Dangerous Phenomenon remains a capital offence.

    Apprentice Coltsbury

  • Apprentice Coltsbury

    The faiths that spoke in opposition to the Warforged were the Jergalites, A lay priest of Lathander and the Mystrans

    I am unsure if the stance of the Lathanderite is the church's official stance or not as Dawnbringer Marigold did not speak.

    The Mystrans naturally oppose Gonds artifice becoming more advanced than magic and this is why they oppose them.

    Bannerman Ampharen

  • Apprentice

    It is likely that the Banites will wish the Warforged to remain locked up, Perhaps they should be suspended from the council due to the suspicions that they used undead and bloodstones in the divine march.

    I have thought upon how best to ensure the Warforged do not seek vengeance and believe that if the Council issued an apology to them for their imprisonment upon release it would ease many of their frustrations, As you heard from them yourself they feel wronged for being locked away when they have commited no crimes.

    Also if he is alive and Imprisoned a statement from Malcom Hardcastle stating he does not wish them to waste Gonds gifts by seeking vengeance may aid.

    There is also proof that the Warforged can intergrate well into society in the fact that Dwarven Warforged were released to Thunderholme and have caused no problems there, Such was confirmed by High Priest Thunderhammer at the open debate a few evenings ago

    Bannerman Ampharen