Karl Steel

  • Mr. Steel,

    Here's what I have encountered in the ruins.

    Tiny Mithral:

    alt text

    These appear to be made of some kind of mithril alloy. I conducted a few tests with different kinds of weapons, but did not find them overly resistant to any form of damage.


    alt text

    These appear to be some kind of amalgam of flesh and metal. They are resistant to slashing and piercing weapons, but not vulnerable to blunt ones (not the ones I met, in any case), rather just not unnaturally resistant to them. Elemental damage doesn't seem to have any better effect apart from what you'd normally expect, including electricity.

    Sun Golem:

    alt text

    So called because it has some kind of sun symbol on its chest. It appears extremely powerful and large, only met it once, I did not stay to engage it in a prolonged battle. Appears to have sentience, but seems to be in a state of constant pain and suffering, screaming and hitting walls like in the throes of agony. Appears to have a limited selection of spell-like abilities as well, such as plane shift or dimension door, allowing for instant travel between locations.

    It may not even be a golem, but some kind of armor animated by a spirit, but it is definitely not flesh and blood, and construct-enchanted weapons hurt it.

    I hope this is of some assistance to you. There may be more types, but these are all I have encountered thus far.

    Malnir Rualean
    The Solutioneer

  • Solutioneer,

    Thank you for your prompt and concise report. Fine me to collect your payment.

    In service to Bane,
    Karl Steel