• [The following is left at Shylocks]

    I wish to commission you to locate the names, details and status of notable priests within the city.

    You will be paid for bringing me a vial of blood from each to start with, further body parts and organs will be required moving forwards.

    Mikael Vosaren
    Enlightened of the Archprelates

  • First name: Edward
    Status: So called "Bishop"
    Allies: Anton, The gnome known as "No one"

    Edward is the leader of the banite crew. they currently hold the temple in Old town and they wear heavy looking armour which is coloured dark green and black. Their crew seems to have quite a few members.

    How much will you offer for the blood of these priests?

  • Two hundred gold a vial.

    The Bloodstone trade is of great interest to us, also. The process of capturing and storing souls is the key to the salvation of mankind.

    Join me at Shylocks when time suits, there is plenty of gold to be earned and much more to be offered.


  • Vosaren,

    I have recently been payed to "Put down" two dwarves and i have obtained their blood and an arm from one and a leg from the other. Would you be interested in this?


  • Of course, I will take them off your hands when we next meet.

    I assume the rest of the cadavers are lost, however?