To Handsome Ben the Paladin

  • Dearest Handsome Ben,

    I hope this letter finds you well. I hope your tattoo incident didn't cause you any further grief - but at least it looks pretty neat.

    With the blessings of my Lord Bhaliir, he has given me way to extend what ever services I can offer to your efforts. Please, let your allies know that if assistance is needed, I am at your disposal. As mentioned, the only rewards I seek in any of these efforts is for it my Lords hand be acknowledged through such help. That said, the occasional friend to share a pint or two is also a welcome currency in my books.

    As far as skills are concerned, I've a head for people and a way with words. I consider myself a good judge of character and reading of social situations. Ignoring my girth, difficult I know, I am actually rather spry and sneaky. I've got good eyes and am capable with disabling traps and tinkering with locks.

    Again, my thanks for your consideration,

    -Your Friend,
    Levius Krust, Bannerman of Bhaliir