Apprentice Coltsbury

  • Dear Victoria,

    Attached are the copies of my findings on the Phaerimm. I didn't get as far as I hoped to get. Any insight on the topic is welcome, as I seek to develop a method to slay them.


    Observed abilities

    The Phaerimm are beasts of great power. They are highly resistant to harm, both from magical and physical sources.
    They utilize their own, strange magic, which can dispel most magical enhancements. They also seem to rely on negative energy attacks. They are powerful enough to pierce very strong defensive barriers, such as the hide of an adult dragon for example.
    They are also capable of moving by teleportation, however the range of such couldn't be discerned so far.

    They are seem to be drawn to sources of magic. They follow such trails almost by instinct. This provides a possible means of distraction for escaping an ambush, but the method is questionable (see below).

    Nature of the threat

    The Phaerimm have much in common with insects in terms of outlook and outer carapace. Thus it was suggested earlier that they may reproduce with reproduce with larvae.
    Accounts on the social life of Phaerimm are scarce, as intelligent observers often end up being consumed before a chance to make their findings common knowledge. In fact, the level of intelligence of the beasts is subject to a debate. Some suggest they are little more than bugs acting on instinct blessed -or, really, cursed- with terrible power, while others, scholars amongst them, are on the opinion that the so called beasts are in fact a race of high intelligence and communicate with means we cannot decipher or even sense. As breaking enchantments is one of the most complex achievements of the school of abjuration, I tend to position myself on the later opinion.

    Another point of debate amongst scholars is the bloody habit of consumption of victims. This might well serve sustenance of the huge body. However, according to my opinion it might as well fuel the creatures magical powers. If that is the case, letting it get to sources of magic, like the blood of arcane casters they seem to favor, is a mistake that enemies of the Phaerimm cannot afford.

    As for the origins of the race, I could find little information, but my research has led me to firmly believe that they have recently broke free of a prision, one not made of bars of steel but the substance of time itself. I was lead to believe that this event of breaking free is not unrelated to the events that transpired in the ruins below our city, the once netherese city of Couthal.

    Conclusions, avenue of future research

    The race is not know enough, further research is inevitable before we can hope to combat them with a reliable chance of success.
    Magical means are needed, but upon failure, magical resources should be evacuated or we risk empowering them even more.
    As for their magical defenses' nature, study of a dead or young Phaerimm should yield more information. As penetrating their breeding grounds (should they exist in the first place) is probably beyond our powers unless the war takes a sad turn, and the Shadovar manage to breach their defenses in a way that the army could find a way in, I'd stick with the study of a dead one.
    No reports were heard about the resistance of poisons of the creatures.
    Potent poisons might well be able to bring one down, but getting one poisoned would require some creative methods, as weapons seem not to do the trick.

  • Very impressive, Tharey. Unfortunately my ability to reward such research is limited with the Lord Warden's decision to dock my pay, but perhaps I can add a few observations of my own to help you progress this.

    We will speak soon.

    Apprentice Coltsbury
    College of War Wizards

  • Apprentice Victoria,

    I do not expect a reward for this. This work is not done yet. Once examinations can be completed, it will be its own reward anyway.

    I look forward speaking.