• this letter is left at Shylocks

    Archprelate filth,

    If you attempt to harm one of my brother son or sisters, I will eviserate you and string you from the Temple ceiling for the Fingers to use as crossbow practice.

    If you continue to preach heresy against the Tyrant I will cut out your tongue and feed it to Pogo.

    The Archprelates have not been slated for extermination as of yet, do not make us change our mind, lest you wind up in a gutter with your entrails hanging out like the scores of Triumpvirate soldiers, some of whom you can still smell when you walk down the street.

    In service to Bane,
    Karl Steel

  • Heretic of Man -

    It pains me to see a man in service to anything other than himself. I have witnessed first hand the absence of the Gods, and you will do so in time.

    We offer our thanks to your "church" for removing the soldiers of the Triumphvirate, or whatever name they chose for themselves, one less problem we have to solve from these horrible, huddled streets

    You and your brotherhood will be found, purified and shown the true path to enlightenment, just submit yourselves to me willingly and the end will be swift.

    Come for me or my own with steel and flame, however, and I shall remove your kidneys and enjoy them as a light supper.

    You know where we are.

    Mikael Vosaren
    The Enlightened

  • Karl retrieves this letter and reads it silently standing in Shlylocks. Though his expression is unreadable beneath his helm, if one could see through it a slight smile crosses Karl's face. He places the letter in his bag and walks out, leaving no reply.