Letter to the Temple of the Green Flame

  • Esteemed members of the Banite Cohort,

    I am a messenger, working on the behalf of the Finger's in Old Town, I'm on my feet a lot, and I'm just writing to ask if anything is going to happen about this Egg Race. I'm not much of a fighter, but all under the Black Hand still have purpose as I've heard in sermon - so I'm trying my best to work in His name, but having to constantly dodge eggs or clean the rotten gunk off of my uniform is getting tiresome, and costly.

    I don't mean to command you, nor to act like a sulking child, I'm just exasperated. At my wit's end with this stupid thing, and we've still got the rest of Nightal before its over. The Archprelates and even the Cobble Demons are throwing these things - it only goes to show how deep seated chaos is in the cobbles of Town. Any help in resolving this would be more than welcome, and thank you for having read this.

    In service to Bane,
    Krixus Saroathux, Messenger of Bane.

  • Saroathux,

    Feel free to find me about the Temple so we can discuss these matters in person.

    In service to Bane,
    Karl Steel