Missive sent to the Green temple

  • This missive is sent along side a copy of this poster

    @mrfreeze said in Banite Cohorts response to the Egg Race.:

    This poster sits next to the egg race post (https://nodebb.cityofarabel.com/topic/37952/the-great-egg-race)

    To any foolish enough to throw an egg at a member of the Cohort or member of The Temple of Green Flames,

    Expect a swift and violent response. The disrespect shown to any of Bane's faithful will not be forgotten and you will be taught a lesson in fear you will not forget.

    The Cohort will not intervene (or care) of the egging of the others listed.

    --Ward Rogers
    Infantryman, Banite Cohort

    As citizens of this city i might remind you that all crimes and matters of law are dealt with by the city militia and not vigilantes.
    Any citizen found in breach of the law will be brought to justice, if you so wish i can arrange for a sermons given to your followers on how best to embrace the law in their daily lives.

    Private Crier

  • Private Crier,

    If a lawful citizen is assaulted, are they not allowed to defend themselves?

    I will speak clearly as to not have any further misconceptions between our Temple and the Arabel City Militia. If any members of the Temple are assaulted, we will use the appropriate force necessary to defend ourselves.

    What actions are being taken to enforce law in Old Town? I'm sure you're aware that that is part of Arabel as well, correct?

    -Camila Carshall

  • Citizen Carshall,

    I'm sure we can debate the finer points of law and it's interpretations of what is appropriate measures at any given time and it is one i am glad to do.
    However as you have pointed out there is much to do concerning old town and i can assure you steps are being taken.
    Old town has not been and will never be forgotten.

    Private Crier

  • @thecommisar


    I fail to see why you assume I would want to debate with you. There will be no debate.

    If steps are being taken, why is the simple task of taking down the posters in Old Town not being carried out by the Militia?

    -Camila Carshall

    // https://nodebb.cityofarabel.com/topic/37952/the-great-egg-race/2

  • Perhaps the lack of poster removal is due to more pressing matters of actually persuing criminals.
    Or perhaps it is because our limited manpower is taken up penning missives reminding citizens Not to be vigilantes.
    However if you are really concerned about the state of law you are more than welcome to drop by the garrison.
    I will gladly conduct an interview to see if you are suitable for militia service.

    Private Crier

  • Private,

    There is no need to be snide. You just assured me there are steps being taken. Why is it so difficult to simply explain what steps are being taken?

    Your insinuations are certainly not appreciated. Not once was there mention of anyone being a vigilante.

    -Camila Carshall

  • Citizen

    I will hardly explain in a letter being delivered by a runner what exact steps the militia are taking would I.
    Announcements will come forth within the next tenday.
    And as to imply I was being snide I think was abit unfair I was merely stating a fact.
    Now should I arrange for you to come the garrison for an interview or not.

    Private Crier

  • Thick blotches of ink are seen on the parchment of Camila's next penned out letter

    ...What are you talking about? Interview? What in the nine hells?

    -Camila Carshall