Missive: House Rowanmantle, House Bhallir

  • Esteemed and Most Noble Sheikhs of the House of the Blue Dragon and the House of the Rowan Tree,

    This ignoble Bedine do bid most felicitous greetings as Allies of Cormyr,

    Upon this rise this morn, in the gaze of At'ar the Merciless, a foul witch was found, filled with unholy magic, the Touch of Thultanthar. This one wished to slay this witch at once, for his skin had become as black as death, and swirls of dark shadow had infused his eyes. Many dark tendrils of liquid shadow pulsed from his skin and flailed the air.

    Yet the Purple Dragon would not allow me to harm him. Forbidden and Foul though he was, and even as we make War against the Shadovar, this one, and others like him, are allowed to roam free, spreading their Taint and Corruption in Old Town like a Plague.

    Surely they are AGENTS of the SHADOVAR, seeking to INSTIGATE REBELLION against the Great and MIGHTY Sultan of Cormyr, and his Vizier of Arabel, the Sheikh Hawklin the Iron-Scale.

    This Son of the Sand, do seek your aid. Allow me to slay this Evil and Pestilent Shadowweaver, lest darkness befall Arabel. Already he states that he will look for me in the streets of Old Town.

    Maraduk-Sa'ar al-Saqr ibn Saduq ibn Zageb ibn Hasar