Official Announcement of the Church of Akadi [Spread far and wide]

  • [These posters are made of extremely high quality stock and well pressed, scattered liberally throughout Arabel and places where travelers would find them.]

    Tilverton's Curse is Breaking!

    In twenty years, there has been no successful movement by any church or arcane group to mend the horrible wound that is the Tilverscar-- yet the Azure Goddess has delivered to the land the promise of a brighter future, of change and the blowing of a new eastern wind.

    We as Her messengers welcome it with open arms and invite you to share in the glory of Akadi’s miracle.

    It is the honor of the church of Akadi and Her Herald to inform the world of a miracle brought into being by the perseverance of the faithful of the Queen of Air and the efforts of their stalwart allies, Daxx of Istishia and Benjamin of Shaundakul; the curse affecting Tilverton has given way to the Primordial Breath and the dream of a safer Cormyr.

    Akadi’s winds once more blow through Tilverton, brining the first gust of hope and new life to the area in nearly two decades. Wild life has begun returning and while the curse is not yet completely broken, the Church rededicates itself to the completion of the work we have started in Akadi’s name.

    Your suffering does not need to be eternal!

    With this new breath, we welcome the Rowanmantle family to their soon to be reclaimed lands and herald the changing of a paradigm; that Loss is not something to be dwelled within but to be experienced and let go of on your path of spiritual growth. Akadi offers a new path to all in life, regardless of your station or what you have suffered, your freedom awaits in Her embrace.

    With this announcement we offer this work in dedication to Isobella Rallyhorn, a Cormyrian war wizard who perished in Tilverton and her niece of the same name that perished in the pursuit of freeing people trapped in time.

    The Azure Goddess delivers peace of mind and a new beginning!

    She has shown you the way.

    Breathe deeply of Her gift and whisper your prayers into Her winds.

  • [A new batch of these notices filter out around the area surrounding Arabel]