Wax-Sealed Letter to the Solutioneer

  • To the Solutioneer,

    Everyone that has dealt with you has told me of what a wonder you are, and I'm writing to ask whether or not you can solve this problem.
    Gold will be included in this deal of course, as well as jewels and whatever else, so long as you can truly provide a solution for my problem.
    Get a specific item for me; a relic of some importance that has been lying in the ruins underneath your city. I know that this is against the law.

    Since the reformation of the Netherese Empire, or something similar, I understand moving down there is an issue in terms of the law.
    Omitting that fact, as I'm sure the amount I'll be paying you is more than enough, the relic is the last piece of a collection of mine, the
    Moransphere, named after one of their ancient villages. It has little use for power, more for decoration. Formed naturally by the earth out of
    Electrum, I am told that it can be used as a focus for magical means and belongs to a descendant of the famous Chronomancer Jeriah, named
    Oloum. Unfortunately, that is where my knowledge ends, I do not know where this Oloum is or if he has any importance within the current
    Netherese empire. This is where you come in. A package will be sent with this letter, more will follow if you take on this task.
    Entertain me,

    Lord Ramem Shanein, of Athkatla.

    A package arrived along with it, containing an egg, and a note simply saying "read each letter of each new line."

  • My Lord Ramem,

    Keep the light of the Dark sun upon your face, and may the grace of Waukeen forever bless your House in prosperity.
    I must confess to surprise that my fame has reached as far as the glittering jewel of Athkathla. It is a great honor you do me.
    Simply put, yes, I believe I can assist you with your problem. Concerns of the law are immaterial, since laws are transient.
    Solutions, as they go, honor the client needs first and foremost, and all else comes second, save personal reservations.

    My first step in your solution of course, shall be to map the ruins in its entirety. This would require some advance pay.
    Yielding to common perception, however, I must admit it is likely that these ruins have long since been picked clean.

    A common approach, therefore, might be to begin searching; But the sheer size makes this impratical. I will think on it.
    Suffice to say, you have nothing to fear, my Lord. You will get what you seek. The Solutioneer never fails. Never.
    Sleep sound in the grace of wealth, and the black rays of the Prince of Lies, the incarnate of intrigue and chaos.

    Starlord, The Solutioneer.