To the servants of House Rowanmantle

  • Good men of House Rowanmantle

    I am a bannerman in service to Lord Bhaliir, and I would request that our houses meet to discuss the newly formed temple of the green flame, and what can be done to limit their influence.

    It is the view of my Lord and his household that these Banite thugs have obtained a dangerous amount of influence and favour, through acts of violence and mass murder using otherwise forbidden contraband, if not a violation of the law, it is a violation of all that is right and good.

    I eagerly await word on the matter.

    Bannerman Greene

    alt text

  • Bannerman Greene,

    I have personal investment in the matter, and shall wish to discuss the matter face-to-face with Lord Bhaliir.

    You may be present at the meeting, where my own hand-picked counselors shall also be present.

    Duane Rowanmantle
    Heir to the House Rowanmantle
    Of Tilverton and the Moonsea Ride

    Loyalty Above All

  • Heir of House Rowanmantle,

    My Lord wishes to extend a formal invitation to attend a performance of my poem on the recent holy march at Shylocks. My Lord will be present, and guarantees your safety.

    Bannerman Greene

    //3 hours or so from now.

  • // I do not think I'll be able to make it. But I'll try.