• The Glorious Egg competition has started! From now until the end of Ches (March), egging people means points. And points mean prizes!

    1st place wins - A MYSTERY ITEM OF GREAT VALUE, a stock of valuable potions, 2000 gold and a personal favour from the MYSTERIOUS game creator!
    2nd place wins - A MYSTERY ITEM of SOME value, some of valuable potions and 1500 gold!
    3rd place wins - A MYSTERY ITEM of a little less value, some useful potions and 1000 gold!
    A special prize will also be given to the man with the LOWEST points!

    POINT SCORING: - You can only egg each specific target once!
    Kanthea - 1st Prize.
    Lord Malcolm Hardcastle - 1000 points, but you have to prove it.
    Lord Myrmeen Lhal - 100 points, good luck finding her.
    Brita and Thifur Thunderhammer - 100 points (only valid if you get both).
    Warden Hawklin - 50 points.
    War Wizard Maldranghest - 50 points.
    Voice of Bane, Edward Waynolt - 50 points.
    Khazark of the Thayan Embassy - 50 points.
    Lord Patricia Mertoi - 50 points.
    Apprentice War Wizard Coltsbury - 40 points.
    Judge Johan - 40 points.
    Jon Doe, the Wild-Walker - 35 points.
    Finn - 35 points.
    Lord Duane Rowanmantle - 35 points.
    Lord Foril Bhaliir - 35 points.
    Lady Elestra Thundersword - 35 points.
    Penny-Man - 30 points.
    Vanos - 30 points.
    Narfel Smith - 25 points.
    Myron O' Connor - 20 points.
    Bernard Huxley - 20 points.
    Sergeant Snyden - 20 points.
    Any member of the Banite Cohort - 15 points.
    Private Randall Tallstag - 15 points.
    Any official clergy - 10 points.
    Any Crownie (Militia/Purple Dragon/Retainer) - 10 points.
    The Solutioneer, Starlord Warbreaker - 10 points.
    Any remaining Huntsmen - 5 points.
    Any Bannermen - 5 points.
    Cobble Demons - 5 points.
    Archprelates - 5 points.
    Bane's Fingers - 5 points.
    Anyone else - 1 point.
    Ilmatari - Minus 1 point.
    Mamma's Boys/Girls - Minus 2 points.
    The Elderly - Minus 5 points.
    Caria Arna of Ilmater - Minus 25 points.
    Mamma - Minus 50 points.

    The points system works on an word of mouth and honour system. If you don't tell the truth I'll electrocute you. ((Screenshots are best))

    If you die egging the targets, I am not accountable for your raising or resurrection. Except if you egg Kanthea. If you egg Kanthea I will pay for your resurrection, your noble costing inn room while you recover from death-sickness, and any resulting therapy fees.

    Prizes are subject to change, but only in a way that they will go higher based on the target, and danger incurred!

    Happy egging!

    Benjamin Barkley - 47 points.
    Jon Doe - 30 points.
    Waltersandoers the 1st - 20 points.
    Ward Rogers, egged himself - 15 points.
    Trick - 12 points.

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  • Leaderboard is updated.

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