*Short report to the militia*

  • Officers of the Law,

    The halfling known as Trick is to be charged with magical assault on a peace official. After her egging of a Lord and others in the Spire, the little pest ran out of the Spire. She was rambling about getting them all and ran off. A moment later, I heard someone running invisible and used a potion of seeing. I saw her running back into the spire, only to get out with a militia private chasing.

    After attempting to catch the little pest, the private returned to his post and the halfling came gloating to those gathered. I tried to convince her to turn herself in but claim she did not want to get beaten by the militia again. I then tried to arrest her but she casted a spell of color spray that caught me by surprise. She made her escape toward the north.

    I was on my way to report the altercation to the tower when I noticed bloodied footprints the size of a halfling exiting the tower. I tracked them to the Old Town entrance. I returned and after speaking with Tallstag, he informed me he had put a few bolts in the little pest.

    Handle the case as you see fit. Though I would suggest the halfling is thrown in the stocks along with giving her a heavy fine. Might teach her to behave and show some respect.

    -- Royal Scout Calder Daxx

  • Royal Scout,

    I had thought this egging business a prank amongst the children of the city, however in light of your report it warrants further investigation.

    Private Crier