Harrowed Huntsmen

  • @AronFF

    Colette and Tharey,

    I know you’re still in the middle of negotiating and figuring out your path, but I also know you mentioned taking the idea of the Huntsmen in a new direction which prompted this letter. How would you feel about hunting down a phoenix?

    We don’t wish to kill it, but to convince it to either part with some of its feathers or resettle at the volcano (or possibly Tilverton) to help us empower our work. I’ve been lead to believe they might be found in the Wailing fog or out in the desert.

    Just something to put on the back of your plate while you figure this out, but I wanted to get it in front of you as soon as possible because of recent events.


    Ophirae Miavyre
    Herald of Akadi

  • Dear Ophi,

    I miss the good times of closer cooperation. This would certainly tie to our earlier portfolio, which has its merits and drawbacks. We will get back to you very soon.


  • @aronff


    I understand things are tenuous right now. I feel it only appropriate to mention that if you're not necessarily interested in reforming the Huntsmen proper, Tilverton is still in need of a lot of work and could use some proper researchers.

    You'd be working with my church's backing (financial and otherwise) and a close association with house Rowanmantle which may lead to a lot of its own benefits if that's what you desire.

    Just an idea.