Letter: Ophirae

  • Ophirae,

    I'm concerned about the ramifications of the Bane clergy claiming the former Tempus temple. You can count on the might of Lathander to be wielded in any actions against it. We should meet to discuss what can be done.

    Claudia Belmont
    Priestess of Lathander

  • @forte Claudia,

    While I fully understand (and even personally share some) concern with regards to the Banites and their incursion into Old Town, I have no plans at present of working against their temple within the city. My goddess preaches that freedom is a paramount and desirable thing- though similarly, She also warns of the siren’s song of immediate crisis and how fleeting such things actually are.

    Nobody cared about old town when the people were (and still are) killing each other over scraps, taking Cormyrian soldiers hostage and selling their dignity off to children, or murdering militia members and burning their homes down. . . .but an evil faith takes hold and suddenly it becomes a matter of cosmic justice and intervention?


    Down that path lies naivety and suicide at best. The politics of mortals do not generally concern the primal gods, nor should it; unless the Banites begin to take specific issue with Akadi or Her teachings, it is the position of the church (and I suspect the faith at large) that they are not a predominant concern.

    Individuals and members of the faith will no doubt pursue their own course with regard to them but my eyes look towards purifying a much bigger blight on the land and returning both our gods’ domains to it. Through the actions of Akadi’s cleric, Her faithful and our esteemed allies, we have done what no one else in twenty years has done; we have driven back the Darkness in Tilverton.

    We have drawn up plans to continue our work and look to invoking gods of purification with a strong association with fire; we would invite you to discuss how we can bring the Morning Lord’s light back to Tilverton and do some lasting good for the world.

    With respect,

    Ophirae Miavyre
    Herald of Akadi