Scout Calder Daxx

  • @TheMinionOfArabel

    Scout Daxx,

    I write representing the Banite Cohort in the city. With our conquest of the Tempans complete we now look outwards to start having our influence felt around the city. As such, in regards to the missing children, I offer the full support of the Cohort and it's resources to see these kidnapped children returned safely. If you could send me a brief summary of the case thus far and a recommendation on how we would be most effective under your direction it would be appreciated. I look forward to assisting you in this matter.

    • Ward Rogers, Infantryman of the Banite Cohort

  • Mister Rogers,

    Your timing is impeccable. I was going to reach out to the Cohort concerning the case. One of your recent convert is involved in the matter and her life may be in danger. I have attempted to see this issue looked into by several, but none of them pulled through. I was on the verge of handling the issue myself, which I had hoped to avoid. I am no people person and dealing with noble houses may just end me with a diplomatic incident on my hands, or a bloody mess in the form of me getting beaten to the ground by said person.

    I will gather a summary of the case for you and detail the issues mentioned. If one of yours is available, discussing this in person may be best.

    -- Royal Scout Calder Daxx
    Eveningstar Garrison