Sir Duane

  • @EdinSumar

    Sir Duane,

    I know that right now is not a spectacular time for you, please do not feel pressured by this letter or its contents, however if you have seen the current state of Tilverton, you know why I wish to make a public statement about it with specific regards to the faith and church before someone else attempts to do so.

    However, common courtesy and basic etiquette would not let me make it without your permission wherein it pertains to your lands. This is a momentous occasion, to see the grass dampened for the first time in two decades, to feel Akadi’s breeze ruffling the leaves on the dying trees. . .

    This is a moment to be celebrated.


    Ophirae Miavyre
    Herald of Akadi

  • Herald,

    Make your pronouncement, with my blessing.

    There are things we must discuss. An opportunity rooted in the distrust Cormyr feels for the Black Hand and His servants. I have attached a letter. I would hear your thoughts.

    I am a man of action. If we are to act, we will have to do it decisively, and soon. A servant of the Black Hand can not guard the border so close to Zhentil Keep.


    [A letter is attached.]

  • @edinsumar

    Sir Duane,

    Thank you for your reply, I look forward to seeing both our causes furthered with this.

    With regards to the letter, this is an interesting and slightly bemusing position to be in for all concerned. However, both yourself and Lord Beorhtre are in positions of some advantage when it comes to the young lord.

    • Geographically, you border one another and share common trade routes.
    • Lord Beorhtre has the experience of someone familiar with the political machinations and rules of Arabellian power and is someone who (I believe) could be reliably sought to learn more about the political climate and names that need to be known to you.
    • In a similar vein, his wisdom and experience may influence Metroi to consider alternatives.
    • She has seen the might of men at work in their gods name, but we have performed work in the name of ours and shown the results of these powers working in the midst of the Silence.

    I do not mean this to sound backhanded and I hope you’ll take it with the grace with which it is meant, but the young lord has no doubt experienced horrible things at the hands of the Hags and she may be gravitating towards powerful people because they feel like tangible representations of power. This happens often with people with deep vulnerabilities-- you see it anywhere despotisms grow unchecked; weakened people want stability and hope. It’s part of the humanoid condition.

    It would (to my mind) also explain her violent tendencies to suppress even the tinniest of missteps. These are the actions of a damaged mind and someone deeply terrified of the world around them.

    That said. . .

    While I strongly advise against open and direct conflict with her (for the sake of face and not causing backlash, something else I’ll get to in a moment), it would behoove you to bolster and strengthen your own position before attempting to correct hers. By that, I mean earning renown with the local gentry and nobility who can support you (this is where Lord Beorhtre would be a welcome and necessary ally) through deeds in the House’s name.

    The Werewolf is one easy example, and I’m afraid I don’t have more to offer at the moment other than what was said in an earlier missive; hosting games and the like. Encourage nobility to pick ‘champions’ from the adventuring populous so they needn’t dirty their hands and can still reap the rewards. This itself can be a competition and fun for all parties involved while bolstering your image some.

    Another avenue to consider is a rather bold one for me to suggest; the taking of Akadi as a house patron to both parties in addition to the aforementioned games, and other activities sponsored by the church to emphasize the values of Freedom and Cormyrian Bravery (Akadi does preach that spiritual growth is a virtue, She doesn’t prescribe a universal path; national values and strengths are powerful ones to the well being of an individual, I feel)

    This would also feed into the gentle erosion of resistance by the young lord instead of the hard backlash of something as direct as her being told she’s in the wrong. People universally balk when they are told they’re wrong in a decision, it’s a kneejerk reaction that closes down any further avenue of discussion.

    However, if you can show her through the actions of yourself and your allies that the freedom and ‘proper’ virtues are more beneficial to the growth of your respective villages, you put her in the position of having to realize that rigid and militant outlook isn’t going to get here anywhere she wants to be. I suspect we'll have Lord Wyvernspur's blessing with regards to this as well. . .

    Or she continues down that path and her village turns into a tiny fiefdom which can be economically isolated and starved out by more prosperous neighbors with control over the roads and the blessings of Akadi to aid them.

    It’s a longer term view and plan, but you did ask for perspective.


    Ophirae Miavyre
    Herald of Akadi