Commander Dame Rowan

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    I am Arturian, former leader, and official clergy, of the knightly order of The Golden Mane. I have been informed that the Purple Dragons have command over the Hullack, and that hunters are needed to maintain order. An Albino wolf runs free in the wood, and bandits stalk it's blinds and shrubberies. I, Arturian, would like to enlist an a Road Captain in your prestigious garrison. I see the value of legal avenues, the benefits of serving The King, and recognize the need for loyal soldiers in our battles against the usurpers that encroach upon in the shadows at all times.

    The rank of Chaplain would suit me as well, if it is yours to give. My past record of being official clergy, discharged with honor at the death of Nobanion, should be speak volumes of my commitment to duty. I have spent the better part of a month in this region, and after exploring the options, your command is the one I find most valuable and most in line with that of Nobanion.

    I look forward to hearing form you.

    -Arturian, The Church of The Dead Lion

  • DMs


    We recommend you to approach one of the current members of the Crown Forces, your application is currently being considered. Normally we recommend the blade position to begin with, and despite your application still being in consideration I do recommend you to attempt to gain the rank.

    • Dame Rowan

  • Commander,
    I respect your desire for my using the ladder of succession. I've proven myself already in an official church and knightly order. I'll work with your stalwart soldiers, but I'll not be starting myself over from scratch like a wet-behind-the-ears seminary student. Thank you for taking the time to reply, I appreciate how busy someone in a position of command is.