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    In the light of an ever growing share of the market and the steady flow of goods, the Storm Dragons Treasure is no longer displayed openly in a ledger- to discourage the many would-be-thieves and brigands. Instead, brave men of Arabel are advised to conduct their business in person with the members of the household, who often frequent the streets of Arabel.

    Let it be known, my support to your prosperity does not cease with this reform. Gold will continue to flow for exquisite goods. Thus the world of men WILL prosper.

    My Estate remains in the Northern District, located beside the arena, as I continue to preserve the rights of the downtrodden men- my brothers. Despite several threats to my life by the Fire Knives of Cormaeril and the Worm Cultists, I will never abandon my cause. See beneath a list of my retainers, who continue the good work and the flow of goods in my name.

    Retainer Titus Jagers

    Retainer Jagers is a known retailer of various goods. Often found dealing some of the best goods in town.

    Retainer Sebastian Creed

    He's been known to sell chunks of mythalite. Perhaps he'll have more of such luxury goods in store, should you find him.

    Retainer Christoph Ampharen

    A priest of Gond, liberator of the Warforged, and the retainer of House Bhaliir. He is also a crafter of divine wands, maker of golems, arms and armor, aswell as potions.

    Retainer Levious Krust

    A man of many talents. His goods do not come in the form of material possessions- but rather through the art of a silver tongue. A master negotiator and perfect bait for any hungry wolves on the road- he is ingenious in his own way.

    Furthermore, a number of bannermen of House Bhaliir frequent the streets. See a man dressed in my colors, or keep your ears open FOR THE BEST DEALS IN TOWN.

    ~ Lord Foril Bhaliir ~

  • I will take the mace, ring of sorrow and the ring of protection.

    C/o Spire Inn

  • A short letter sent at the attention of the Pawnshop's clerk.
    It is void of any dwarven accent, as it is written and not spoken. The letters are very square.


    I am interested in the wand of Barkskin that you have for sale at the value of 1800 gold coins.
    Could you reserve it for me, please? Thank you.

    -Gorfuror of clan Bladdersplitter,
    The Great Dwarven Embassy.

    alt text

  • @iknownothing
    Please seek out me i have one reserved for you

    -Retainer Jagers

  • A letter is left at the Pawn Shop with distinctive dwarven runes on it. When opened, the text is is comon, but the letters are squared.


    As promised to Lord Bhaliir, the order of ten whetstones is ready within a day. I await to either see him, or know to whom these whetstones are to be delivered.

    -Gorfuror of clan Bladdersplitter,
    The Great Dwarven Embassy.
    alt text

  • I would take the Enriched Verdicite.
    Also I think your posters illustration would be at-least 60% better if it featured a Brass dragon on that lovely gold instead of a blue dragon, they don't have any sense of style after-all.

    ~Atticus D. Valdemar

  • Several items added to the list. Prices have been lowered on a number of treasures, and a new peculiar section is added to the poster: Arcane wands.


    Retainer Robert Greene

    Retainer Robert Greene,

    I want to purchase your Watchmans Crown.


  • I will take an arcane wand of healing and two of the golems(mark 3)

    Pvt Lipton

  • New items. Including dire crocodile arms & armor.

  • New items added.

  • I am interested in the Dire Crocodile Bone shortbow.

    Companion Asher Redtongue,
    Envoy of Jergal

  • The list of goods is removed and replaced with a brief announcement from lord Bhaliir.

  • [These posters are refreshed by Bannerman Elodie Ledoux with an addition.]

    Adventurers seeking rarities and alchemical products from magical suits of armour to essences of stone are encouraged to approach Bannerman Elodie Ledoux to receive a detailed menu of wares or to make a purchase.

    ~Elodie Ledoux~