Selina's diary

  • For the fifth night now the dream has come, more clear are the images a book a scale and hammer. Etched on my mind now though i do not know their meaning i sense a calling greater than i.

    I sense something is happening to me, words i did not know now i do words that bring blessings. The dream came again this time it showed the courthouse.

    I know now what it is i must do, i've been chosen for a much greater task now though i do not know the way, i must succeed.

  • I sent a letter to the militia garrison today it seems the right place to go to be of service. I wish i had a guide i should be more like the other priests but i do not know the words of sermons.

    The reply came i am to seek someone called Tallstag perhaps the militia will take me after all.

  • The following entries are not as neat as the others suggesting a shaking hand when written

    I saw my first battle this day, Eveningstar the sights,sounds and smells will never leave me. So much destruction and death

  • It is done im now a private in the militia, now the hard work begins. Though I have never been prouder than that moment I had my badge pinned to me.

    It is time to make this badge mean something it is time to bring law and justice.