The Race of the Eastern Wind

  • The Race of the Eastern Wind

    In many cultures the Eastern Wind is associated with new beginnings and new life! Tomorrow we seek to bring the purr of the Eastern Wind to the village that bears its signature; at the edge of the Hullack, the Church of Akadi will be hosting a relay race ceremony in honor of new beginnings and the return of sunlight to the area that has been blocked from it.

    The race will run from the East Way to Eveningstar, the Stormhorns and back, with each area offering a new piece of the prayers that will be carried upon Her winds. Together, with our allies and your help the darkness over the village will abate and the kiss of Azure will return once more!

    This event will take place tomorrow and is open to anyone of any faith to participate; teams will be randomly selected to compete unless we have enough interested parties to compete more formally!

    The first team to return to the village will earn itself five elixirs of endurance per individual or one wand of serious healing (15 charges) per participant at the discretion of the team. If we’re successful, games and contests will be held to welcome the new day!

    Keep an ear out for sendings and we look forward to welcoming one and all.

    //Will be running this at some point tomorrow- if we can get a DM to oversee it, we will. If not, we'll do it when a good number of people are around. Hope to see you there!

  • //Will probably be running this in a couple hours or when Daxx logs in.