• Daxx,

    I hope you're doing well after today; it was a hell of a slog, but I know you're made of sterner stuff than I. Two quick notes/questions:

    I'm preparing a file for the missing children case for our files, something I expect will be shared with allies and things. If you wouldn't mind, could I ask for a copy of what you have on the matter barring secret information (just mention what shouldn't be shared). Like I said, I can't promise the moon and stars, but I do want to help. . . .it's always felt impenetrable and very much a lost cause, but your determination continues to rekindle some quiet hope in me.

    The second point of interest was the prayers to the Water Lord-- we would like to make our attempt tomorrow at a time I'm not sure of yet. Would you be available for such a thing?


  • Ophirae,

    I recover slowly but surely. I am a stubborn fool after all. I will send you a bundle of notes on the case, just give me some time to sort out my notes once more.

    I will meet you today as soon as possible for the prayers. If you worry what to say, do not. The Lord of Water ask of us to be the best of who we are, so we need only speak from our own heart.

    -- Daxx