Letter to Kraliqh

  • Mr Kraliqh,

    The esteemed house Bhaliir have returned to Arabel and we seek the help of a rich, powerful, esteemed and successful business man such as yourself to help us obtain an estate, so M'lord does not have to sleep in filthy taverns filled with drunk's. Our house is currently low on gold due to the gold it took to return to Arabel but im sure if myself or M'lord could arrange a meeting with you or one of your associates we could talk about what it would take for you to support us in acquiring an estate.

    I look forward to your response.

    -Retainer Creed
    House Bhaliir

    alt text

  • DMs

    Retainer Creed,

    The UAMC is willing to grant yourself and your Lord an appointment. For further evaluation, the UAMC will request a document of achievements and recent purchases within Northern Cormyr. An evaluation will be based upon reputation, income and personal assessments.

    Gloria Kraliqh of the United Arabel Merchant Company

  • DMs

    //To allow you guys some time to prepare, I would recommend some time before the meeting. But you can however go ahead with it if you so desire. Suggest a time and date here please

  • Good Lord Kraliqh,

    I'm pleased to notice the retail of my House has risen from nothing, to one of the most promising enterprises of the city. The coffers of my house that were reduced to dust at our return to Arabel, have been filled, and will now require investing to grow the flow of gold in the North.

    As our supply of goods no longer depends on the treasures provided by the adventurers, but on the skill of the craftsmen of Arabel- we will need actual space to expand the supply of my emporium, and to better answer the high demand of retailed goods. Hence, I will be renting a warehouse from you. We will need to discuss terms of said rent and storage space. As my house will reestablish itself as the master of Caravans and trade in near future, I see no man better than you to talk business with.

    I look forward to discuss the terms of our contract today, between my house, and yours.

    Lord Foril Bhaliir

    //Meeting this week, maybe Thursday, 8 PM GMT?

  • DMs

    //Should be fine