The Return of an Old friend

  • "During an era of great upheaval in the North, a notorious House would fall to ruin and break forever the scale of power as Arabel knew it."

    Years ago, house Bhaliir was one of the four prominent noble houses of Arabel that upheld the peace and prosperity in the north. They made their wealth and influence through shady deals and investments that often danced on the edge of law.

    Acting as the protectorate of the slums and southern district, House Bhaliir became beloved by the poor and outcasts of society, many of whom found food and safety under their employ. Yet only the most proven loyalist were ever considered worthy of wearing their colors. The house valued its human-blood, integrity and appearance above all else- and were well known for their harsh measures to uphold these qualities.

    During the civil war, their name was infamously besmirched and branded traitor, when an impostor took their lord captive, and declared himself the king of Arabel. Albeit their name was later cleansed by the heroics of lady Lhal, House Bhaliir would not rise from its ashes with lord Lheskar lost to madness. He thus died without an heir, and the line was widely regarded to be extinct.


    Re-introductions are therefore in order

    20 years have passed since, and now the House that was both feared and beloved returns. Lord Foril Bhaliir, son of Silbrien Bhaliir, has been granted the rights of his house and emerges from self-imposed exile, bringing with him a glorious vision for the future of Arabel.

    Lord Lheskar Bhaliir, the last Lord of the house, built his family fortune through trade and commerce, enjoying lucrative trade routes with many varied organisations. He demanded that his House remains paragons of humanity, which is of course why house Bhaliir refused to hire or employ any non-humans.

    The ideals of Lord Lheskar thus live through his successor, who begins enlisting the like-minded men, who shall spread his gospel of a brighter tomorrow, where the prosperity and safety of the human kind is fostered to new unseen heights. To do so, he offers clear instructions for his men to follow:

    - To regain their former foothold in their ancestral home, by securing their status as the protectorate of Old Town, tantamount to regaining the love of the poor by working for their safety and livelihoods

    - Forge new alliances with the men of the North, by offering aid in their daily struggles, finding friendly terms with established aristocrats, and organizing weekly events alongside the local enforcers of power

    - Cut new trade deals with local merchants, secure new trade routes and explore new lucrative sources of funds

    - It's paramount the House treasury grows by 50 000 gold to fund new investments in local establishments(taverns, the casino- and whatever lucrative opportunities come to mind), and by another 50,000 for a new estate of their own, located -and secured- in Old Town.

    - Furthermore, the house must establish a working relationship with other noble houses of the region, who share their values as paragons of humanity and civilization, and are considered valued allies in the fight for the North's future.

    Some OOC notes:

    • This is an evil-based faction. Only humans.
    • Your character will be expected to be discreet- but proactive.
    • Work on the goals set by your lord, and earn kickass rewards (promotions, loot, influence and obviously- a lasting impact on the server)

    So, did I scare you off? No? Then send me a PM and maybe we'll work something out.


  • Re-united once again, under that most proud motto.

    "You can't prove shit."

  • How wonderful. I especially like the visual of blue dragons as a creature above all the other kinds of dragon.

  • That's it. I want to bring back House Fezznick now!

    Looks awesome and waiting to see it IG soon.


  • Sounds glorious. Will there be an opportunity to join in game, or is it something for new characters only?

  • If I at all can find time to get back IG, I WILL be bringing the best damn retainer possible.

  • This sounds so awesome.

    I still remember the sheer terror Lheskar inspired when he walked into a room.

  • @Gloomy_Sunday New characters are preferred. However, if you already have a character that fits in the narrow view of the house (racist manipulator/schemer/loyalist), then tag along.

  • I do not even remember why I picked blue dragons and a basilisk for this heraldry. >_>
    Good Old Bhaliir, this will be epic! Best of luck out there.

  • @TheMinionOfArabel
    Becaus dragons and basilisks are baller af. Also, super good job on the heraldry, makes me wanna enlist just so I can use it.

  • @theminionofarabel said in The Return of an Old friend:

    I do not even remember why I picked blue dragons and a basilisk for this heraldry. >_>
    Good Old Bhaliir, this will be epic! Best of luck out there.

    "Basilisks were cowardly creatures, but evilly cunning. They were easy to anger, though they never fought to the death if it could be helped. They were observed to be irrational and possibly insane half the time but shrewd hunters the other half. When hunting, they pounced from hiding and attacked with their petrifying gaze and vicious bite. They only needed to eat one large meal (the size of a deer or a humanoid) a month, owing to their slow metabolisms, though would apparently gorge themselves to death if provided with enough meat."

    "Blue dragons, also known as storm dragons, are orderly creatures and are unusual for chromatics in that they keep fairly well-ordered, hierarchical societies. They are more likely to be mocking and manipulative than outrightly cruel or murderous to 'lesser' creatures, aided greatly by their natural talents for hallucination. They are infamous for tricking desert travelers into drinking sand or going miles out of their way to avoid nonexistent dust basins. Their breath weapon is a line of lightning or a large electrical discharge."

  • A shame this is "too human" for me. Looks awesome though for those who like this kind of concept 🙂

  • Storyteller [DM]

    I would be all over this if I wasn't in another concept... I REALLY wanted the last attempt to "bring this back" to succeed. Good luck guys!

  • @kingsman
    And there you have it XD

  • @o-louth Awesome and hoping you return to CoA sooner than later. Just let me know when I should come by for some plot items bro. 😈

  • CoA: Nostalgia Never Ending.

  • It's now official. We are back. For @O-louth and @Gloomy_Sunday and everyone else still searching for a burning fire to get their boat rocking, let me quote a conversation I had with another player:

    Best way to find motivation is to think about what you want to do. House Bhaliir is a strong political player, one that in the past seemed to be one step ahead of everyone else, at all times. If you think you want to play a scheming bastard, who delights in misleading his opponents and welcomes the challenge of getting away with their crimes while devoting themselves completely to the return of a glorious house from its shameful state of being- then this is a concept most fitting for you.

    You've no need to devote hours and hours of time IG to make this concept work. All you need is a clever way to have fun playing a twisted, scheming son-of-a-bitch.

  • Surprise, surprise, we are still alive and kicking our enemies on the balls. You can see us mostly by the cliffside, watching people fall down to their deaths. Somebody could say we gave them a push- but that's just jealousy talking 😉

    Here's what we have done so far:

    • Worked for the release of the warforged
    • Ended the worm cult
    • Creation of a lycanthrope killer
    • regained foothold in Old Town
    • became rich through commerce.
    • Did our very first caravan

    Here's what we are doing this week:

    • Expeditions to stonelands, underdark and Tilverton
      • To mine, to hunt and to collect rare trophies for Lord Bhaliirs special collection
      • To investigate Shadovar/duergar/beholder movement- all of whom long ago had a hand in the destruction of House Bhaliir.
    • A Caravan shipment to the Poison Water Encampment (DM quest)
      • Last time was a blast, everyone loved doing it. Feels like good old fashioned CoA!
    • Secret meetings, schemes, discreet unofficial biz (and some official to keep things legit)

    Here's what you can play in house Bhaliir:

    • A Family member (PM me for details)
    • A Knight (PM me for details)
    • A House retainer (app free, with a clear progression system all the way to knighthood)
    • Guard (of Old town)

    As a retainer of House Bhaliir you get:

    • daily pay(300), your own desk, free rest and storage (and cages)
    • A noble house to keep your criminal record clean.
    • so much shit to do you dont know how to do it all

    Racism and Bhaliir:

    Unlike the belief of a few, Bhaliir does not generally oppose the presence of lesser races. It's more about toleration and using said races to the benefit of mankind, than out rightly burning them at the stake. That's why at current state, you won't find any non-humans wearing their colors- but you might be surprised when that local halfling gang suddenly attacks you and drags you into The Bhaliir Estate for questioning.

    Playing in House Bhaliir

    This house is not about the "1-week of explosions and onto the next" that we've seen quite a bit in v5. It's about slowly regaining rulership of Old Town and the Underbelly of Arabel with a well structured plan to do so. This means its about using wits and finding your own way to serve the common cause. Do you want the house focus its efforts on doing something you want to do? Find a way the house benefits from it.

    Evil and neutral alignments are the most common. We are taking our time by building alliances, backstabbing useless friends, and spreading our roots deeper and deeper into the city core.

    TLDR- Bhaliir is a long term project by players, who want to see the notorious house of Bhaliir regain its ancestral seat as rulers of Old Town and the Underbelly of Arabel. Lots of shit to do, loads of tools to do it. Intrique, backstabbing, exploration- we have it all

  • As a returning player I can not stress how much fun this faction is. You are dumped into so much stuff your head will spin. I recommend it to anyone looking for a "good" long term group to join.

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