DM and Player Faction Numbers

  • Heya, some people may have noticed I tend to come and go the last two years. Thats because I am based in 2 countries and tend to travel. My time becomes limited and I tend to vanish in November and June.

    I currently have about 3-5 months of good playtime available before my game time dwindles and then dies.

    What are the current numbers for the DM factions, and PC factions? Any interesting public plots?

  • Militia could use a hand, think they're down to two privates now.

    Purple Dragons still have four people, three at app ranks.

  • I am slightly leary of of the militia because I am not good at PvP and also because I have joined it a few times, and even ended up commanding it once. Would love something moderately long-term with a more political angle

  • Moderately long-term with a political angle? I think you want House Rowanmantle!

    > Clicky!

  • We got about 3-4 active people in House Rowanmantle, including me (and I, too, am based in at least two countries, and have had difficulties logging in the past few weeks, that should hopefully clear up after the 26th however). You'd be very welcome if you'd like to get involved with the House.

    We've got politics. We've got plot.

  • Join the Sembian Mob.

    All the italian stereotypes you could ever want, and since I'm in the faction you can be sure you won't be the worst PvPer!

  • Hey Thune. It's an exciting time for CoA.

    • There's some awesome gang action courtesy of the Sembia
    • There's growing civil unrest that is polarizing the server
    • Hard liner Militia is coming down hard
    • Crown has an off screen war underway and faces a potential rebellion in Arabel....again
    • New Noble House, Rowanmantle has some neat things underway in and around Tilverton
    • Old Town perhaps moving to war might be a fun time for the Triumverate to flex some muscle
    • PC group of Harrowed Hunters seemingly involved in a lot with some solid players
    • Banites coming to dinner and bring the awesome for snacks
    • Special Positions like Kanthea, Guardian of Hullack have gone unclaimed in some time.
    • Some personal plots are also involving quite a few. TwistingWinds(Ophirae) and Verk(Bjorn) come to mind.

    So yeah, there's so much to choose from. Could just make something flexible and fun and see what happens and develops IG.

    Anyhow, welcome back.


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