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  • Hey folks,

    Not sure if many around these parts recall me. Terris/Retired-DM-Banhammer King in Yellow here. Some may know I've gone on into Video Game reviews and Streaming. Even before Beamdog let us know that NWN:EE was coming down I started playing with the idea of doing a CoA Twitch Stream. While I don't have time to DM these days, I still have a great fondness for CoA and want to see it continue and wanted to contribute in my own way.

    There are problems, naturally, with Streaming something where metagaming/spoilers can cause problems. So I am trying to figure out a good way to make sure everyone knows that if they see me on, chances are I'm doing a live broadcast. I know many are concerned with immersion, but I considered having [Streaming] as a tag on my character name - just so there was no mistake.

    If you are not keen on having your character involved with a scene with me, while I am streaming, just let me know through a in game PM. And, any suggestions on how to show off CoA to any possible viewers, let me know.

    This here is the link to my twitch page - as requested. It is absolutely not just a collection of pictures of my pet rabbit.

  • Admin [DM]

    Skip the "Streaming" name tag, we have had players who have streamed or recorded previously without it. As long it is a open dialog and known among the players, it is all good. I have pinned this topic as well so it is view able for players constantly.

  • Puffy on the job.

    Get some sleep.

    Why are you even up.

  • Admin [DM]

    Darling, it is 1pm here.

  • @puffy I'm gonna flag this post as inappropriate.

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Wait till twistingwinds sees this...

  • @spiffyhas said in Streaming, Full Disclosure:

    Wait till twistingwinds sees this...


  • I love this idea. Go for it.

  • does this mean I will have to ensure my typos are kept under control? 😉

  • @cadiz_stoker

    Never. That would mean I would need to do the same!!!

  • Now I am searching for your channel...

    Oh wait! it's in your sig!


  • Joe has a pretty interesting idea there. I sort of played one when I was in the Scriptorium faction and its pretty fun (if you do not mind writing articles and books). Though I'd get to assist then takes a gazillion notes and observe. You could start (or restart) the Arabel Gazette!

    As for streaming, doubt anyone will mind!

  • Sup Terris. Cool to hear that you'll be streaming, not sure how you can pull that off without people metagaming plots and such though (we've had a few spoilers go live in streams before).

    CoA has a twitch chat server if you're interested, here's the invite link.

    Maybe we can set up a channel for your streaming? Unless you've got your own server going on. Publicity for nwn is going to be a pretty big thing to revitalize the game once the enhanced edition comes out methinks.

    I'll be sure to catch your stream every once in a while. Cheers.

  • KiY !! Woop. Going to sub scribe to your channel asap

  • coughs For those looking to plot with Levius for the next few hours - fair warning. It will be televised.

  • Sweet Jesus cartwheeling Christ, how did I not notice you were back? KING, MY DARLING.

    I'll go drop you a follow, friend!

  • I am kinda shocked. Had over a dozen people watching. And even people asking how to get NWN.

  • Yesss.

    Tell them all about CoA so we have more fresh meat. I mean new players

  • //updated post to put in direct link for people.

  • I am currently plotting with Levius on my stream. And by plotting - I mean wandering aboot.

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