• Frippi strolls into the Spire library searching for books regarding the events at Tilverton and how it turned into its current state. She inquires with Tonald and informs him that she'll be writing a Ballad on Tilverton.

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    [Tonald happily supplies Frippi with a selection of tomes in regards of Tilverton, he also notes that she should contact the War Wizards in regards of it since they were in fact said to be involved. None truly know how Tilverton came to be as it is, yet the search to cleanse it has been going on for decades.]

    Book Deities of the Realms and their Presence in Cormyr Vo 2
    A journey into Darkness - The Creation of The Null Staff
    The Initiated and the Shadovar

    @mr-moloch said in Book: Novo's Planar Conundrumds Edition 1:

    Overlapping planes -
    The Ethereal plane. This plane seems to be at least partially co-existent with the prime material plane, and 'overlap' with it. Apparently, spells like, Ghostly visage, and displacement, may well potentially 'tap into' this plane, placing the person under the effect of the spell in both planes at once. Apparently, this ghosts and spirits 'live' for want of a better word, on this plane. A misty kind of 'mirror' of the prime material plane.
    The Shadow plane. Again, an overlapping plane. A place of eternal darkness and shadow. Some even say the shadow plane exists everywhere there are shadows on our plane. Shadow fiends and other shadowy creature dwell here. This, again, could be seen as a darker 'mirror' of our own world. I've heard of two potential entrance to this plane. One via a 'river of darkness and shadow' somewhere within the underdark, from which several shadow creatures were reported to have crawled out and attacked a band of adventurers.
    The other, the place where an ancient shadovar city landed atop a village annihilating it, and later leaving a huge shadow in its wake. This village was apparently somewhere within the Moonsea-ride.
    Editor's Note: The author may refer to Tilverton, a city that was supposedly destroyed by a Shadovar Doomsday device during the Shadovar War in 1375 DR.
    According to the War of the Sisters of Light and Darkness, it is posited this is the plane to which the Shadoveri were banished.

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