The life and times of Edward Lupin

  • In his pack sits a brown journal. it is bound tightly shut by leather strap that is part of the leather thet makes up the cover and is fastened with a gold buckle.
    on the first page this is written.

    I figure that now that i have lived in Arabel for sometime now I should make start a journal to keep track of the many things that have happened to myself. for anyone who ever gets to read this consider this my forward. A once great man told me that real heroes are not hailed but are forgotten.. As sad as it seems its very true. the noble and honerable deeds of those who gave everything for others are often quickly forgotten while the mouths of the people who wish to do nothing but question others remain for lifetimes. I make this journal not as a preservation of my life both good and bad but as look back on the twists and turns that not only my life has taken but the life of the city i have chosen to settle into.- Edward Lupin.

  • In all my time in this city i have always relished the thought that for as long as i have been here there is a vast amount i dont know and have yet to find out about in this city. my curiousity.. and want to know things may lead me into trouble but it also leads me to find and see things people dont get to see. small things that while may not matter on the whole just make life here alot more fun. I remember along time ago. i had found a house in the slums that had an access to a secret room. there was nothing in the room. but it was was a rush to find something that no one knew about. i guess it the same for finding out new lore about the city. weather its useful or not. interesting things like that are always a novelity to me i guess its the fact of knowing something to know it. but infromation can be a powerful tool and something that has helped me out of many sticky situations.- Edward Lupin

  • I have to say lately things have been getting kind of bland around Arabel for me. I dont know if it might be a lack of motivation on my part or things really arent affecting me as they should. I find my days as of late laying about. The only real interesting things going on at the moment are the new embassy and thats about it. I mean i met the embassator. He seems kinda shifty. then again he belongs to that god of his… i forget.. I think i need to find something to do with my life. I saw melven today and did some work with him. It was fun until Lebrain fell. Tell ya when i saw him fell I cringed thinking of all the times it happened to me. The good thing was he was ok.. But man. A hit on the head like that can be such a pain. -Edward Lupin

  • Well. I figure now that I have been back in Arabel for abit I should start writing in here again. It's never a good idea to buy a book to write in and only use it once. Anyway what can i say about the goings on. Not too happy about the red hart giving me a run around like they did. I mean you would figure for knights they would act better then they do. But I guess everyone is diffrent. Besides screw em. If they dont want me they dont get me. I mean the city has change alot since the time just after the civil war. The city seems abit smaller… But it seems evil infests the streets openly. Curruption is rampant and the red tape Those evil bastards hide behind can unfathomable. Its getting to the point something needs to be done or else this city will rot from the inside and become a shell of its former self.