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  • Xil'trith's Madness

    As students, Xil'trith and his longtime rival Tal'ros always found themselves amidst bitter competition between one another. Both began primary education under a powerful wizard named Jestriltoros III at the Academy of Arcane Studies in Silverymoon. As fate would have it, Tal'ros excelled far quicker and proved to be far more adept with the weave than Xil'trith would ever be. As the days passed, Xil'trith's hot-tempered and barely restrained frustration began to course through his body. His prayers began to drift to the most unwholesome places to compensate for his lack of ability elsewheres.

    Anger continued to brew until Xil'trith's rampant obsession and prayer to Cyric would get the best of him. Sneaking into Tal'ros's sleeping chambers in the calm and quiet of the night, one quick slice was all that was needed.

    While still craven and energized by his pursuit for a final solution to a sour rivalry, he called out to Cyric to bind the soul of Tal'ros to the bloodied murder weapon in an attempt to destroy Tal'ros not only in life, but in death as well. Cyric answered, as usual, with a catch. The tormented soul of Tal'ros imbued within the dagger often spouts bitter, hate-filled diatribe to the carrier, driving nearly anyone, even of sound mind insane. The dagger radiates with the perpetual bitterness and contempt of a life cut short.

    Damage Bonus: Negative Energy 1d6 Damage
    Decreased Ability Score: Wisdom -2
    Decreased Skill Modifier: Concentration -5
    Decreased Skill Modifier: Listen -5
    Enhancement Bonus +1
    Visual Effect: Evil

  • Chastity's Blessing

    Across Faerun, tales tell of selfless Paladins who march for the honor of all that is good, battling tirelessly against the forces of evil. Stories that are left behind however, would include the cold evenings spent alone by the crusading hero who broods enviously while his drunkard squire spends long, amorous evenings in the local brothels. To help steel his mind against such unsavory thoughts, and resist the temptations he often saw his own squires become ensnared into, Sir Ralamir Bristols acquired the help of his travelling Helmite Wizard companion and Enchanter, Avory Mitchells. The belts produced in Avory's experiments steel the mind of the paladin, and keep focus where it is due: purging monstrous evil from the lands, and preserving a lawful and orderly society.

    Improved Will Saves: +1
    Discipline: +5
    Only Usable by: Paladin

  • Boots of chance

    Over the years, many priests have experimented with enchantments with use of their gods blessings. Those boots were on of those experiments. The priest was trying to create a pair of boots of speed, enabling him to cross large distances whenever he wished. Instead, Tymoras blessing placed Tymoras love for practical jokes, and luck seeking within them. By clicking the heels together, the wearer of the boots can test his luck and faith in the luckmaiden.

    The boots are clearly marked with Tymoras symbol.

    Cast spell: haste/slow 2 uses a day. (Its an actual spell, which is so cool.)
    +1 to reflex saves.

  • Tears of the Trickster

    These unusual gems often come into the possession of followers of Mask, although most will claim ignorance of how they got them. Squeezing one of the tears in such a way can aid someone of dubious purpose in the manner of their choosing. Once the aid has been fulfilled, the tear turns to salt water and trickles through the fingers of the user.

    1 charge

    Following spells each cost 1 charge:

    Improved Invisibility
    Hold Person
    Charm Person

  • No! Use the new one!

  • I'm bumping this because over the years I got really good ideas for stuff from this thread. Including entire plots and stories.

  • Battle rager armour

    This suit of armour is made of an assortment of plates and spikes cobbled together by dwarven smiths to provided an effective protection. At the same time it makes the dwarf wearing it a threat to any that come too near due to the sharpened edges and spikes.

    base item half plate ac 7/1
    on hit: a specific amount of damage (maybe 2pts slashing)
    only usable by dwarf
    only usable by barbarian

    alternatively and better, made from…

    “Hizagkuur - a rare white metal after the gold dwarf that discovered it. It reflects back
    magic cast at it 100% and deals electrical damage to those that touch it (2d12 per round
    of contact once it is cast/forged)”

    These prized items are traditionally used only by dwarven priests without regard to faith. Dwarves frown on beings of other races using them, and will seek any excuse to challenge or attack the owners to gain them. Fists magically alter in size to fit any hand brought into contact with them, and can even be worn and used by dragons, giants, and other gargantuan creatures!
    A fist is an adamantine chain mail glove with pointed knuckles of solid metal.
    They are used like brass knuckles, but augment the power of the wearer’s blows.
    A fist adds one point of damage to the wearer’s barehanded damage in normal use, and also protects the hand against weapon attacks. It can be commanded to deliver a pile driving blow. Each such blow drains the wearer of 1d2 hit points.it is the user’s life energy that powers the extra impact. A pile driving blow can be used, as the name suggests, to drive piles, or shatter doors, armor, weapons, shields, and the like.

  • Priceless from 2003.


    Hammer of Doom
    Only useable by:Evil
    +5, does 500 damage if sucessfully makes contact with oppoent, (whoever weilds it has the favor of Bane)
    Discription: The Hammer of Doom was the most feared weapon throughout the Banite clergy. Over weilded it was said to hold Bane's favor. Because of this whoever poessed it was often in danger of being killed from his or her rivals. It was lost in the course of these clashs for control of it and has not been seen since.

  • Chained Helm of Morvys

    Many followers of Morvys are rather paranoid about anyone knowing who/what they truly are. These helmets help them keep there anonymity by now only hiding there face, but by twisting there voice to what suits there intentions, warding there mind from being controlled and being magical chained onto there armor (you know, in case someone tries to take the helmet off…). Needless to say its not only the paranoid who find these helms useful, but tricksters too.

    Base item: Helmet

    • 5 bluff
    • 3 persuade
    • 3 intimidate
      +2 vs mind effects

  • Grog

    This is a barrel of grog. It's a mixture of the foulest liquids that can be used to kill brain cells. Drink it if you dare. Or just throw it at somebody.

    1 Use Acid Bomb

    1 Use of Mestil's Acid Breath

  • @mr-moloch Forum necromancy, let's start this up again.

  • Necromancy is illegal for a reason Moloch. Sprays Moloch

  • Egged full plate of nasty odors.

    This mastercrafted full plate was once clean and nice, owned by a paladin of virtue, who got egged so much during the egg race that he decided to thow it away. After a few weeks, the smell imprinted the armor, even when washed, the egg odor persist, especially when you rub it a little.

    +1 Enhencement
    -1 charisma
    Special power, unleash the smell (Sanctuary, 1x per day).

  • The Almost Useless Shield

    Misc item

    1/day shield CL5

    Weight 10lb

    Description: A rusted old shield, it seems to have once been powerfully enchanted and from time to time you can still get some use out of it.

  • Summoning Tome of the Mad Sorcerer

    Summoning theme focus where you randomly summon, but at +1 circle.

    A badger here, a demon there, who knows what will come next? A tome that belonged crazed summoner of great power, but its text is all scrambled and jumbled.

  • Lycan Eradication Devices

    Created by a follower of Gond to combat the dreaded Albino Werewolf that had been terrorising the region.

    Following it's demise it seems that similar devices have been made available through the UAMC

    Sling Bullets
    D8 divine damage vs Shapechanger
    No damage

  • Strength of Eight

    This Morningstar is quite obviously drow in nature, identifiable by the black-metal uniformity of the weapon along with the spikes that jut out toward the top of the handle to create a handguard before the chain leads off to a meticulously made black-metal spider, each leg jutting off creating a spiked head;sharp and carrying a poisonous payload. Cults of Lolth treasure these weapons for their use in ceremony, pricking themself with all eight spikes in order to come closer to their deity - some are rewarded in strength while others perish feebly.

    Strength + 1.
    Poison Onhit DC:16 - Strength Drain 1d2.
    +2 acid damage.

  • Much
    (Greatmaul or Warmace)

    Created by an apprentice dwarven smith and originally unnamed, the weapon was flawed, made far too top heavy and unbalanced. His craft was ridiculed by his master as being useless and unwieldy. Ashamed and angry, the apprentice took the weapon in hand, and stormed out into the wilds. Coming across a giant, the dwarf brought his weapon to bear, heaved it up and threw himself into the swing. The impact killed the giant instantly, and his master (who had ran out after him) congratulated him and demanded that a weapon that had drew blood had to be named. Many dwarves took their own names, the attributes of the weapon or the first foe it had slain as inspiration, though the dwarven smith, rubbing his sprained arm said...

    "It's a bit much, isn't it?"

    1d8 Bludgeoning Damage
    Modified Weight: 100 lbs.
    Must be RP'd as being ridiculously heavy.

  • Ripper Arrow +1
    +1 enchantment bonus
    +1d4 piercing damage
    On hit: Bleeding

    Popular in autocratic regimes that rely on fear to keep their populations in line, these cruel creations were designed to cause torturous pain. From Luskan to Thay, many varieties of such tools exist - but any one of them is enough to promise a slow and agonising death, with barbed tips or arrowheads designed to break into their quarry should someone try to pull them out by the shaft.

    This type of ammunition is contraband in Cormyr, making for a lucrative business in the Forest Kingdom's lawless sanctuaries.

  • All In

    This Warmace is an oddity, the head of it shaped in a icosahedron. Despite its fine make, the weapon itself seems cursed, unable to deal true wounds most of the time, forcing glancing blows out of sure strikes - though once in every twenty attempts it seems to strike too true, as if luck itself possessed the wielder and struck with devastating force.

    The top side of the mace was engraved with a faded '20'.

    No Damage
    Massive Criticals 10d10

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