Alteration Research

  • A certain penal legionnaire enters the library, and after some time at research, with a volume of spell alterations (By Benedict Ryan) beneath her arm, she asks if there's any other work detailing the nature of the "sympathetic relationship between the reagents and their spells?"

    After listening to her for a while, it seems she is looking for some sort of underlying logic to the research or discovery of Alterations.

    She's additionally researching any items linked to the Plane of Shadows that can be commonly, or uncommonly found in the local area.

  • After some miserable and unenviable failures, Prowl again finds herself in the Library - this time, looking for any information on Shadow Spiders.

    Mostly where to find the buggers.

    She mentions the pun was unintentional.

  • [A passing by Nethsus makes a comment to the Half-Elf that because she isn't wholly tainted, he'll do her the favour of pointing her in the right direction. He mentions that the lesser kind of Shadow Spiders is uncommonly found within the Underdark, and recalls books mentioning Duergar around their most common sighting areas.]

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