Religious heresies and CoA

  • Hey team!

    This is probably a question for the DMs, but would be interesting to hear everyone's take on it.

    How often do heretical views and followers of religions crop up around the place? I have an idea for something I want to try (an evil Sunite, believe it or not) but not sure how to go about it, or even if it's something that would / could happen.

    I guess if you're not a priest and just a chap with a twisted view of a god's dogma it's ok?



  • Heresies? All the time. We needs some serious inquisitorial help around this place, let me tell you!

  • We have had a few, but it is VERY rarely done. Most often, because people will say shit like "BUT MYSTRA IS NG, HOW CAN YOU HAVE AN EVIL CLERIC?!"

    The only one I really remember working is the sun heretics.

    There are some interesting unused ones, especially regarding Selune and Shar being the same god, or the Triad + Helm that have never been done, but could be interesting.

    Look up the dark moon heresy, it is fucking epic and would definately fit the scheme of things.

  • Yeah, I love weird / twisted concepts and have one brewing I just need to put all the pieces together and see if I can make it work!

    Good to know they aren't as rare as I thought, though!

  • The Harlots Coin Heresy was one to do with Waukeen selling off portions of Her divinity to Graz'zt, a Demon Lord, iirc.

  • Three-fold God Heresy. Mhm.

  • Admin [DM]

    Saint Darmos, major heresy supported. They are pretty common in CoA tbh 🙂

  • Storyteller [DM]

    The only thing that may require an application with a heresy is a cleric.

    If you're going to go around proclaiming Sune has chosen mankind as the most beautiful race, and all other races shall labor to make mankind more beautiful- that is a pretty big deviation from the canon message of the Church. It'd be named a heresy.

    If you say Torm is the god of all Knights, and those that fail to serve their liege, be they good or evil, must commit sebeku. That is a heresy that deviates from the canon message of the church.

    Some gods are more tolerant of heresies than others. Reasonably, LAWFUL gods less so (since part of being LAWFUL is having a consistent message), whereas Chaotic Gods might have numerous derivitives of the same ideal. Certain pantheons, such as the halfling pantheon, literally have a different name and dogma (but kept to the spirit of the official one provided by WOTC) for their gods. Halflings believe Tymora is a halfling goddess, which is heretical when viewed by the human church- but not one worth exterminating halflings over, etc...

    You could preach that Deneir seeks the Metatext in order to 'edit out all evil from the world and create a utopia'- saying that the best path to paradise literally lies in Literature.

    So many good ideas...

  • @puffy said in Religious heresies and CoA:

    Saint Darmos, major heresy supported. They are pretty common in CoA tbh 🙂

    What?! It's not a heresy! PRAISE DARMOS!

  • Got something in the pipeline, thanks for the input team.

  • I love heretics. One of the first CoA characters I really liked was a heretic Cleric of Ilmater.

    Stressed the perserverence aspect, and was a member of the Equals Among the First heresy (the Trinitarians).

    To add to the confusion for those who just wanted to play white-robe healers and weren't that into hardcore theological debate and disagreement, there were plenty of non-heretical aspects to his belief (stressing perserverence and being into pain and believing it is a gift from Ilmater is not per se heresy, it's just less hippie than people usually like to play Ilmater) and he was non-Evil (Lawful Neutral) rather than a clear antagonist. He even spent time preaching on behalf of non-humans, the criminals, and those of low repute since they were the true People of Ilmater.

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