PnP help: underwater combat

  • Hi folks,

    I need some help with my (Pathfinder) PnP campaign again.

    My adventurers are about to embark on a seashore adventure revolving around a skirmish with sahuagin. Now, I'd say that those beasts would be much more dangerous below water. However, when I check the rules, I -apart from finding them boring- don't notice anything special. They have one single set of stats.
    I want them to be different underwater. I want the adventurers have a relatively easy time defending the village, and hard time going after them underwater, or, for that matter, saving the goods on our friendly sunken ship from the opportunistic shark-men.

    Help me figure something out! Either a house rule, or clever mechanic posted somewhere. You can mention D&D rules as well, it's probably very much exchangeable anyway.
    I could give them different stats with changing everything but HP, but I want underwater battles feel different.

    I also need clever solutions for underwater breathing, extracting goods from a ship where the water is just shallow enough to swim down, but you can't bring up boxes swimming. I have a few ideas, but they are all very similar to Harry Potter 4, so I need some other ones. (These are for backup plans if the PCs fail to be creative, and also serve as means to make the PCs obliged to NPCs.)

  • no spells unless the party have silent spell feat.
    only piercing weapons, as slashing and blunts wont work.
    slowed movement speed compared to the saguaghuin.

    essentially rather than make the saghuaguin stronger, give the party some additional challenges that dont affect the saguaghuin at all as it is there natural environment. it should allow the party to explore some and retreat to dry land with relative safety when they find out the challenges, and then they can plan their operation taking into account those factors. hopefully they will then get a sense of achievemnet for over coming the adversity, whilst actually having a fairly secure retreat so long as they can get back to dry land where they will be more powerful than the enemy.

  • One houserule solution for saighuin was to give them the "haste" effect underwater to represent their terrifying sharkman speed.

  • What about combat on land? These creatures can come out of water, can't they? The quest in Immersea gives me that sense.

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