Long Term Pen & Paper Campaigns Online

  • Hey guys, over the years I've tried recruiting players to participate in D&D campaigns on Roll20 (or otherwise) but have come up short. Happy to report that isn't a problem anymore. I started a campaign probably more than half a year ago that's still going strong with my friends in Discord (all of which were long time COA members). Our Discord is starting to expand beyond just this core group of people, but as NWN phases out, it's a shame to lose contact with people you could be playing other games with.

    For the purposes of this post specifically, we play a lot of board games, pen and paper campaigns, miniature wargames, and then lots of other strategy video games.

    Currently we have 3 pen and paper campaigns going, two different 5th edition D&D games (one of which is mine), and one Cyberpunk 2020 campaign. As you know scheduling is a challenge, so we find some difficulty in scheduling these campaigns against one another at times, and more importantly, have a couple of players that can't manage to be free to join any of them. So, if you want to play in pen and paper games, hit me up and I'll throw you an invite, you will probably recognize several people in the room. Just voice some interest and you'll surely be invited into a game or be able to start one fairly easily. Disclaimer is that I won't claim you'll be invited into ongoing campaigns, as they're already somewhat full, but who knows.

    The ongoing campaigns are not going away any time soon, but we have a pretty solid community of experienced gamers that are interested in all sorts of different campaign settings and games both traditional and for the PC.

  • I wanna play!!

  • Is this voice or text based?

  • I ran a rollD20 shadowrun campaign for years as a DM. Was great fun. Used to play in DnD 5.0 games too. Scheduling was hard. Definitely interested if it fits my schedule.

    Pm me.

  • Schedule could be a bit tight for me, but it's been ages since I got to be part of any consistent tabletop style gaming. Love to get involved if I can fit in somehow.

  • Depending on the time windows I would be tickled for the opportunity to play with you.

  • Can we play Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes too?

  • Tower

    @aronff said in Long Term Pen & Paper Campaigns Online:

    Is this voice or text based?


  • I'm running the aforementioned Cyberpunk 2020 game. It's voice based, using Roll20/Discord. I believe the other two are the same, though we're fine with you going purely text.

  • Would timezones work for GMT folk? How does it work?

  • We're in timezones all over the globe. Alaska, US West, US Central, US East, Brexit, Australia.

  • A bump here. The aforementioned campaigns are still ongoing, currently have a Call of Cthulhu game going, and there's discussion of future Vampire the Masquerade, and Powered by the Apocalypse system games like The Sprawl and Blades in the Dark coming up.

    If you're looking for reliable pnp campaigns, check out our discord and ping either me, or BG, or Magpie or someone.

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